Coronaviruses are able to mutate, so it is possible that in the future he will go to the more aggressive forms, said academician of RAS, Professor Mikhail Paltsev.

he said, due mutation of the coronavirus SARS-COV-2 universal vaccine to create will not work.

In the summer and in hot weather, the immunity of the people is improved.

“All work, which was made in the coronavirus, they say that not mutating RNA, which is the basis COVID-19, a protein receptor. It is not unusual for such viruses. Scientists fear that mutations will be unfavorable, and will appear more aggressive,” said Fingers 14 June, “the parliamentary newspaper”.

According to him, the development of vaccines should take this into account, but the attack she needs the protein and RNA as the basis COVID-19.

on may 28, Israeli immunologist, Professor Jacob Berman reported that a vaccine against SARS-COV-2 is likely to be similar to the flu shot. According to him, the vaccine does not give 100% protection from infection due permanent mutation of the coronavirus, however, can ease the symptoms of the disease.