the New order will apply to entrepreneurs and not concern cases when citizens prepare something exclusively for their own needs.

For non-timber forest resources include stumps, bark, bark, brushwood, brushwood, woody forage, moss, forest litter, cane, reed, etc., and coniferous trees for the holidays, spruce, fir and pine spruce branches.

Harvesting fir trees and other “Christmas trees” you lead, primarily on special plantations and in forest areas subject to clearing. Allowed harvesting fir trees for new year holidays from upper parts of felled trees, according to the draft of the document.

the Collection of firewood – cut thin trunks with a diameter up to 4 cm, and cut of the tops, twigs and branches of trees and shrubs – can be conducted throughout the year. When harvesting dead wood – lying on the ground residues of stems, twigs, resulting in natural death and damage of trees allowed the use of hand tools (hand saws, axes, chainsaws lungs). Twigs, branches, brooms and weaving can be harvested only for forest areas subject to clearing and felled trees in the felling areas.

Stipulates that the harvesting of bark from growing trees should not damage the inner bark and used for harvesting of the barrel must not exceed half of the height of the tree. Erosion in forests, shore protection areas, slopes of ravines, in young not allowed harvesting of stumps (pevogo of osmola). The pit left after the harvesting of stumps should be covered with fertile soil and zarovnani.