In the resonant case against 37-the summer inhabitant of Bugulma in committing sexual violence against his eight month old daughter – a new twist. Desperate performances in his defense his wife Anne, the little girl’s mom, not helped by the Supreme court of Tatarstan has cancelled issued to him in April of this year the acquittal. The role played by public opinion.

the inhabitants of the city demanded severe punishment and do not believe in “accidental” damage to the baby during diaper changes. The case was sent for new consideration – again the same in Bugulma city court, but with a different composition.

We contacted the girl’s mother, Anna, to find out what she thinks on this matter and what action is going to take.

Recall that in October 2019 for a challenge in one of the houses Bugulma ambulance arrived, doctors found bleeding in an eight month old girl who was home at the time with his father and two other children. Gynecologist recorded injuries specific to sexual violence.

After investigation, Sergei K. was charged with violent acts of a sexual nature against a minor child, the six months he was apart from his family under house arrest. However, in April 2020 Bugulminsky district court acquitted Sergei in connection with absence of structure of a crime is sexual in the actions of the father were not found.

His wife, Anna, in an interview with “MK” claimed that the Pope had accidentally hurt the girl when tempted of the child. “No damage there, I can help show. If he really did that with my daughter, I would have sat behind his murder!” – told us she’s justifying her husband the fact that he first stayed home alone with her daughter and poorly versed in how to care for the baby. The court agreed with her version.

But the Prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Tatarstan appealed against the acquittal decision of the court. The case will now be reviewed.

Anna in conversation with “MK” on-former insists that the evidence that husband abused the girl, there is:

– They’ll start an investigation, and then – what? They have no evidence. I even personally can take the kids and take them for examination, and they checked the violence on something else… Only in vain will spend a lot of time.

first, I now remain without work, because it is once again questioning, examination, for me will not work. I work as a seller in the store, a week, a week rest. The investigation will achieve now that I was kicked out of the store. This time. And two – after this scandal, I’m not satisfied. Because nobody wants to work with the alleged protector of the pedophile.

– Will fight for her husband and next?

– to Fight for her husband – Yes, I will. I believe him, I know that ��n didn’t do it. I even to some extent glad I canceled that decision, but not because it is necessary to plant, because once again I can prove to people the court that he is not a man as I hear, he did nothing!

– How to apply for Sergey your older children? (Anna, in addition to their little daughter Sergei, two more children from his first marriage Auth.)

– Children are wonderful. That reopened the case, nobody knows. The eldest son does not know, but he will have to say, because he was one of the witnesses. When I tell them, they will cry. Upset. Nothing. Just one more time.

I’m going to write to demand moral compensation to some media, who patted our nerves. I’m sure his not going to jail because of the investigation, prosecutors had no proof of what he is accused. But it’s their job, let…

– But like your husband admitted at trial that he angrily injured his daughter had a problem with it?

– what did he confess? To him in the basement had come when the man just crushed it was, say, write, so it will be easier! And when he said that your wife turned away from you, she left you, then what should he write? So he wrote that “freaked out” and hurt the child… But now we’re telling the truth that it was an accident.

I hope that with God’s help, we all go through.