July 3, Yekaterinburg diocese stripped the Church of San chiyoumen Sergius (Nikolaev Romanov). Clergyman tried for a series of sermons and video messages in which he denied the coronavirus and accused the authorities in attempts to chipped Russians under the guise of vaccination. Now the Ekaterinburg diocese gathers evidence of abuse of minors in Sredneuralskaya convent. Assistant disgraced priest Vsevolod Moguchev, said that he thinks about Serge.

the Press service of the Yekaterinburg diocese after the Church court, posted on the website the information that the ecclesiastical court found Sergei guilty of violating the oath of a priest, obutova monk, rules of the Ecumenical councils and Apostolic canons. His defrocked.

– What is happening in the monastery, what is the situation?

– we are fine. I was not present in the diocese, watched the video recordings of what happened there, – says Vsevolod Moguchev. – Gathered by our members, the people cried: “Lord, Lord”. Believers were not allowed on the territory of the Ekaterinburg diocese. Thus all showed their true face. On the one hand, Russian Orthodox believers, father Sergius, and with another – the Ekaterinburg diocese, Ksenia Sobchak and chop, whose staff stood and watched this event. Let’s see how things will develop.

So look, the decision has been rendered.

– Relative to the decision that was made, our opinion is unwavering – decision is not canonical. So.

Why Romanov himself did not go to court?

– why? Several times he explained why is not present in court. First, no charges on his hands are not issued. The charges against him, we do not understand. Second, the witnesses whom he wanted to attract on the court was not allowed. Moreover, it was judged by the people, whose decision, in our opinion, has no canonical force.

the Last word, as I understand it, for the Patriarch. If he approves the decision, chiyomaru will have to vacate the monastery. Father Sergius is already packing his bags?

– do Not tell. Abbess of the monastery of the virgin Mary, and the monastery belongs to Russian Orthodox Church. And the Russian Orthodox Church is who we are. Where the FR has to leave the monastery?

Yekaterinburg diocese intends to bring back under its control Sredneuralskaya convent, management will be abbess Varvara (Krygina), which left the monastery.

– Who said that the barbarian is going to come back?

Write about it in the media.

– want It back? How interesting. Just how Barbara plans to manage the monastery, if she betrayed everyone who is there. Moreover, on whose money is going to contain a monastery? Who she BU��et financial help? Or she will provide assistance to local oligarchs, and maybe find some other source of income? A lot of questions about this. Wish and dream can be anything. I suggest staying on the side of men of action, dreamers and provocateurs, let them continue to push their crazy ideas.

– Now whose money there is the monastery?

– the money of the Russian Orthodox people. The oligarchs among them. The diocese does not help, the budget is not isolated, all by yourself.

Father Sergius’re helping rich people?

– What, in your opinion, rich? You probably mean people who are close to God. Rich from the word “God”, right?

– No, I’m talking about those who have a lot of money.

You at least one name can you name who is helping us?

– Perhaps your local businessmen, I don’t know them. In the monastery constantly call in expensive cars.

– I Can say for sure, the oligarchs do not help us. The oligarchs help our Metropolitan.

– Well, and Barbara will someone help?

– And she once did someone help?

– I don’t know her story.

nobody knows.

– If all-father Sergius will be obliged to leave the monastery where he’s going?

– He’s not going to go anywhere. We are fine, the monastery live their lives. A solution of provocateurs and heretics do not have canonical force, so all the glory to God from us.