the social networks were the king and several of his concubines on the bike ride. Monarch sparkles bare knees – as riding behind him red-haired lady. However, they are disciplined wearing helmets.

Maha Vajiralongkorn, he’s the Tenth Frame, which month saved from the coronavirus in the German ski resort. The snow has long gone, now, instead of skiing we have to Cycling. The hotel was closed for other visitors. For the king had chosen the fourth floor, which was furnished with Antiques from Thailand. A monarch put 20 women, who are called “Royal sex riot.”

Bicycle king with rode for two hours, at the end of the route waiting for them three wagon-caravan, one of which was the Royal dressing room.

the behavior of the king angered the Germans, and his fellow citizens. The Germans working in the hotel – because they are forbidden to even show on the notorious fourth floor, the monarch only let go of their own attendants. Thais – because the Frame missed the Tenth anniversary of his coronation at home and that he left his country during a pandemic coronavirus. “Why do we need a king?” – they wrote in social networks, despite the fact that insulting the monarchy in Thailand is punishable by imprisonment for up to 15 years.

the Background of the events in the article “the King of Thailand isolated themselves in a luxurious German hotel”