According to people’s artist of the RSFSR, Director of the Moscow theatre of cats of Yury kuklacheva, the patient with coronavirus cat can only threaten their relatives with no danger to master it is not. He urged Russians not to panic over reports of coronavirus in cats, adding that many irresponsible owners trying to get during a pandemic from their Pets.

“that cats can be infected with coronavirus, has long been known. We call it the “cat flu”. A sick cat should just be isolated from relatives. To people the infection will pass, but it can infect another cat,” said Kuklachev.

He said that the cats take to the streets, in the theater put on a two-month quarantine. In animals, in addition to coronavirus, it is also possible to detect AIDS, leukemia and many other diseases.

“don’t they have to take a blood coronavirus. We of the procedure, when the theater comes a new animal. If the cat still lives at home alone, it can safely reside (with the disease — approx. ed.) 15-20 years, but it will be a vector of the disease. Infect another cat — TA “hooves toss,” warned the actor.

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