Tatiana Lazareva, TV presenter and actress, not particularly like to talk about his personal life.

Lazarev came to after the operation

But due to the fact that in her family a double celebration – the 25th anniversary of the son of Stepan and 22 years of family life with TV presenter Michael Schatz, a star slightly open up instagram, reports RIA Novosti.

She congratulated the son on the first anniversary – a quarter century! and wrote that 25 years is an iconic figure for her.

“25 why, then got married. And it was a terrible mistake, but, fortunately, fixable. I said it ten years”

In addition, as noted by Tatiana, in the date of birth of her son she signed with Michael Schatz.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, TV presenter Tatyana Lazareva has restarted her own show “Lasarettet” on YouTube.

The new project will go beyond the format of parent-child relations and affect a wider range of socially important themes through the dialogue of caring people.

Publish from Tatyana Lazareva (@lazarevatut) 17 Jul 2020 12:20 PDT