Stanislav Sadalsky in his time, was friendly with the healer Eugenia Davitashvili, whom everyone knew by the name Djuna.

She passed away in 2015, for fifteen years, having survived his only son Vakhtang.

Dzhuna the healer failed to cure his son Yuri Loza

The actor is convinced that Jung actually had supernatural powers.

“a lot of nasty things written about her. She was truly an amazing woman. One time Brezhnev bad talked, and Juneau asked Arkady Raikin. Asked her to help the Secretary General. She agreed, saying, “honored”. Then Leonid Ilyich spread like a Nightingale” – quoted StarHit Sadalsky.

After the death of the son of the healer invited guests to your birthday exactly to the cemetery, near the grave of Vic.

“Here Djuna covered huge tables with all sorts of dishes, and we celebrated. That is amazing: she and the son were born in the same date — July 22. She was madly in love,” says the actor.

After the death of June – she was only 65 years – in her will she was buried next to her son. And, as they say many times there watching the paranormal.

“they Say that on the night of the grave is glow. It really was a great man, and happiness, what I touched,” prides Sadalsky.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the actor Mikhail Efremov, an honest man and will not buy off justice. About his colleague Stanislav Sadalsky said in his instagram.