The writer of the historical drama “12 years a slave” John Ridley was named Director Quentin Tarantino a racist for the use of characters in his films, the words “nigger” (nigger). He stated this in an interview with PA Media, reports Yahoo News.

He called the use of “words with the letter "n" painful and infuriating”. Tarantino, according to him, in some way enjoys this word.

The word “nigger” used by the heroes of the movie “Jackie brown”, “Disgusting eight” and “Django unchained.” Also say the characters in Tarantino’s pulp fiction.

Notes. what Ridley had earlier called HBO Max to remove from the film gone with the wind.

Earlier it was reported that the show “Gone with the wind” on the American streaming service HBO Max will accompany a speech about racism. On 10 June the company took the decision to remove the film from the catalogue amid protests over the death of a black security guard George Floyd. Now the ribbon of the 1939 decided to return with the condition that, prior to her demonstration will sound the opening remarks of the presenter and a teacher of film history at the University of Chicago Jacqueline of Najuma Stewart.