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Three weeks have passed since the time when Boris Johnson has imposed a state of emergency. For non-Brits threatened with fines. Very soon, the penalties really have to pay - not pounds and thousands of deaths
Prime Minister Boris Johnson after discharge from the hospital passed the new test for the coronavirus, he gave a negative result. However to work he will return only after receiving permission from the doctors
Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was discharged Sunday from the hospital, was on the verge of death, but doctors managed to save his life. This was told the head of the government of the United Kingdom in the video
Prime Minister Boris Johnson officially discharged from the hospital, where he stayed almost a week. However, the policy until able to return to work, as it awaits the recovery period
Medical masks now in Russia there are hundreds of million pieces. Which became so popular during the advent of coronavirus item is already almost half of the inhabitants of Moscow. Is and – throws later, the used, polluted, and possibly infected remedy. What is the fate of such specific MSW is municipal solid waste? And they can threaten us with you? In this versed correspondent "MK".
The life of the founder of the portal WikiLeaks Julian Assange is under threat - outbreak of coronavirus identified in a London prison Belmarsh, where he held for a year in anticipation of the start of extradition hearings. This was reported by the newspaper The Guardian.
International festival of mobile cinema is being held in Russia for the second time in the year when the mobile phone was 47 years old. The event organizers decided not to cancel in a pandemic, and to carry out all in online.
Global GDP due to the pandemic will not receive for two years of more than $5 trillion, which is comparable with the annual volume of industrial production of Japan, writes Bloomberg with reference to the assessment of the banks on wall street. However, as the epidemic of the coronavirus will not guarantee that the world will get off this damage, but not 2-3 times more. As for Russia, then, according to the respondents "MK" experts to judge its economic prospects and losses is even more thankless.
UK will allocate 200 million pounds (249 million dollars) for charitable and international organizations to assist developing countries in the fight against coronavirus infection
Virologists in the UK will be ready to test they have developed vaccines against COVID-19 people in the next two weeks. The chance of success is estimated at 80 percent
Already in the current decade the ecosystem of the ocean can wait for the collapse, but in a negative scenario, after 20 years, the disaster will cover animals and land. This was stated by a group of scientists from USA, UK and Africa.
The health of Boris Johnson's stabilized, but experts warn against excessive optimism: the Prime Minister could take months before he will fully restore your health
The condition of the hospitalized with coronavirus Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains stable, it does not have pneumonia and he retains the spirit of cheerfulness
Pandemic coronavirus has not left indifferent any country of the world. "RG" learned how to live it and how to deal with it France, Italy, Greece, UK, Germany and Israel
The prevalence of coronavirus as the UK premiere of Boris Johnson has sharply deteriorated. He was hospitalized and then transferred to the intensive care unit and intensive care
Pandemic coronavirus, driven people in many countries in quarantine has created big problems for zoos and Pets. In addition, they can stay without food and care, is of concern to the reports identified the disease in animals
Boris Johnson, infected with the coronavirus, spent the night in the hospital on St. Thomas. Ten days of treatment have not yet led to improvement in his health, so began to appear the rumors that the Prime Minister is ill more serious than reported
In Britain less than two weeks, built the world's largest intensive care unit. Previously, the UK authorities decided to elevate him to the famous conference center of ExCel
Queen Elizabeth II in his address to the nation will call on Britons to show the same resolve as their ancestors at the turning points of history, and "accept the challenge and destruction caused by the outbreak of coronavirus with a good-natured determination"
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II will make the first two decades of emergency address to the nation. To take this step of the monarch forced the alarming situation in the country continued the rapid spread of the coronavirus
At least 64% of Britons are in favor to extend the transition period for the British exit from the EU, according to a survey. The mood of people in the UK affected, including concerns about the development of the situation with coronavirus
Ration cards in the amount of 400 million euros will be allocated by the Italian government to help citizens who have no money left for food because of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. "RG" figured out how similar problems are solved in other countries of Europe
Coronavirus found the Valet of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A source close to the Royal family, said that the patients had held a very high position and daily contact with the mistress of the Buckingham Palace
UK space startup OneWeb filed for bankruptcy and reorganization court in bankruptcy for the southern district of new York. This is stated in a special statement of the company
The Prime Minister of great Britain, Boris Johnson admitted that he had received a positive result for coronavirus. He noted that he intends to continue to lead the work of the government by video link
Pandemic coronavirus have clearly demonstrated that they are the leaders of the European countries, writes Politico. Someone humor and playing to the audience, and someone who rescues his subjects
Britain said thank you to the doctors of their country. At eight o'clock hundreds of thousands of residents gathered on balconies and erupted with thunderous applause to those who at this time has saved lives, reports the correspondent of "RG" in London
Five years ago in London there was the first Russian theater "the Chameleon". Now in his repertory for 9 performances. A few days prior to the closure of the Deputy editor-in-chief Jadwiga Uvarovoy was able to visit the theatre and talk to its founder Possess Lemeshevskii
Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared a state of emergency. In address to the nation he spoke in such a language, what is not heard since the war. Now the British are obliged to stay permanently at home
Pandemic coronavirus made significant amendments in the daily life of the British. "Look mournfully half-empty shelves - no bread, pasta, canned food, cereals, vegetable oil", - told correspondent "RG" in London. "And in General, London is not the same", she added
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson assured the country that after 12 weeks, the situation with coronavirus will change drastically. This sensational statement has caused confusion among journalists and doctors
Odyssey of the ill-fated British liner MS Braemar was completed: 681 passenger ship, among which five were confirmed coronavirus, flew back to the UK from the Havana airport. Earlier, residents of Cuba fully supported the risky decision of the authorities on assistance to foreign tourists
The streets of London, like the shelves of British supermarkets were empty. The capital of the United Kingdom discusses the decision to close the doors because of the high mortality rate from coronavirus. On how life has changed for the British people because of the pandemic in the material of the correspondent "RG"
Book fair in London, which was to be presented the book of Yury Lepsky "Brodsky just walked away," was canceled amid the pandemic COVID-19. But the Deputy editor-in-chief "RG" Jadwiga Uvarovoy managed to find out who and how to teach Russian language in the UK
Over the next 30 days the borders of the EU can not cross neither a citizen of a third country. The unprecedented decision was taken at the summit in which the leaders in order to protect from COVID-19 participated in the videoconference
The demand for food delivery from 9 March to 15 March rose by 3-4 times against the background of the coronavirus. For some product groups, demand has increased to 80%, experts say. Retailers have been advised to work with suppliers to ensure uninterrupted supply
Boris Johnson once again surprised their country. Presenting the British strategy and tactics of the battle with COVID-19, the eccentric Prime Minister has relied on self-medication
In the UK, on the background of the spread of coronavirus, the population started massively to buy a certain set of goods. It caused a shortage of products in some areas, the supermarkets were forced to introduce temporary restrictions
The company Facebook has temporarily closed three of London's office total number of person in three thousand people after confirmation the employee has symptoms of the coronavirus. This is not the first case of violation of the planned operation of the business due to coronavirus
Despite the aggravation of the situation with coronavirus, Brussels lawful expects London to continue divorce proceedings with the EU. Concluding the first round of meetings, Michel Barnier, said that there are difficult differences between the parties, then as time expires
After the Geneva motor show because of the coronavirus have been cancelled and the London book fair. Even before the official announcement had declined leading British publisher. The remote mode of operation of the transferred employees in Ireland and USA
The UK authorities intend by any means to keep the spread of the coronavirus while scientists are looking for remedy of this disease. Citizens are encouraged to work remotely and to postpone events. But local doctors are quite pessimistic
Doctors in Scotland have recorded the first case of importation into the region of a new type of coronavirus
A British citizen died after being hospitalized with liner Diamond Princess, which is located in the port of Yokohama in Japan, according to BFM TV
The head of Department on public relations of presidential administration of Turkey Fahrettin Altun reported that Recep Tayyip Erdogan planned to hold telephone talks with world leaders about the events in Idlib
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared before a London court, which on Monday began hearing this high-profile case. Protecting Assange will try to challenge he faced extradition to the US
For Scotland the day of a British exit from the EU was one of the saddest in history. "Divorce" with Europe will result in huge economic losses and deal a severe blow to the rights of the Scots. "Let's see what will happen next", - that reaction from local residents for the future outside the EU
According to analysts at the renewable energy Aurora to achieve this goal, you need to install 260 wind turbines per year, about one every working day.
Scotland has more paths to independence, Westminster would be considered legitimate. Referendum 2014 will never happen again."
31 Jan at 23:00 at the residence of the government to the Downing street 10, Prime Minister Boris Johnson raised a small hand Gong and hit it, thus indicating the exact time of British exit from the European Union after almost half a century of membership.

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