Prime Minister Boris Johnson was discharged from the hospital

the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers, reports Sky News, said that Johnson, in spite of a statement, yet will not be able to return to work, and waiting for his recovery period. He also conveyed words of gratitude on the part of Johnson to the address of the hospital of St. Thomas, whom he “owes his life”.

Photo: REUTERS/ Pippa Fowles the UK Authorities to extend the quarantine

At the beginning of last week Boris Johnson was hospitalized due to worsening of his condition due to coronavirus infection. Later it became known that he was placed in intensive care, which left only closer to the weekend. According to the Daily Mail, in the entourage of Johnson, including not only friends and Ministers, its chances of successful recovery estimated as 50 to 50. Now he has a recovery period. At this time the duties of the head of the British Cabinet of Ministers will retain the foreign Minister Dominic Raab.

meanwhile, the UK came close to the psychological mark in 10 thousand deaths from coronavirus infection. According to Saturday in the Kingdom have already died 9937 people. According to BBC, the epidemic COVID-19 in Britain may be the worst among all European countries. So says a senior scientific adviser to the government, sir Jeremy Farrar, said in an interview that he was confident such a scenario. “The epidemic in the UK will be among the most affected, if not the most affected country in Europe. There is no doubt that this story should draw the appropriate lessons,” he said.