Anna Tsukanova-Cott in the Festival of mobile cinema has participated as Director and housewife

April 12 will be announced the winners of the competition, but to see the entire shortlisted as learning materials from the professionals mobile movie. According to the organizers, this year was especially important not to give up under the pressure of circumstances, to conduct a full-fledged festival for the Russian audience and thus support authors who have recently submitted their work, and now, as we all are, locked up in the house. Amateur movie, filmed on a smartphone it now looks new. Even the most modest work is perceived as a dip in the perfect world, and communication with loved ones, travelling, walking around the city seem like a luxury.

the program includes feature and documentary pictures, some of them very small, duration is 1-2 minutes. For some people this is enough. There is a 15-minute work, as very modest and very professional. In total the competition received more than 150 applications from 40 countries. Among the best were the films from Russia, USA, Lebanon, Ukraine, Israel, Mexico, Belgium, South Korea, the UK and Iraq.

15-minute documentary film “Quadrille” Ivan Petrov from the category of social movies. His main character, despite cerebral palsy, working with children in child care, the pupil of which was once himself. He arranges the holidays, acts like a clown, prepares children small gifts and dreams of your children and life partner with which they could work in pairs.

In one minute the horror film “Dark crossing” Roshni of Batia from U.S. passengers disappear from the back seat of the car. Guess what happens to them, it is possible, having a rich imagination. In Ukrainian “minute” What is the True Beauty? Maria Yevtushenko arranges a fashion show in an abandoned factory. Industrial landscape reminiscent of the zone of the Stalker, and live models as mannequins.

Actress Anna Tsukanova-Cott presented his directorial experience (prior to this, she had already made short films) – pop art-the videos “Eat art.” His main profession, she combinesAET arrange the food on the set, is well aware of its specificity. And a great expert next – husband and film Director Alexander Kott. Frankly in your design and the bright film, she played the role of a cheerful housewife, which is what the soup of the ax is not welded. The course is flax cereal, cashews, cereal, tape film, flowers. She puts beads of blueberries, fry in a pan like scrambled eggs detail LЕGO, ready to eat the male’s head.

All of the works are shot in a horizontal format. Century vertical cinema we have only comes. Timur Bekmambetov is already working on the film “the FAA. Escape from hell”, which can be viewed without turning your mobile phone. Because the main thing in the picture – the person accomplished the feat in the war years, the portrait – optimal format. And it assumes the vertical. In this direction are already working filmmakers in the U.S., Italy and other countries. But for a festival of mobile cinema, it seems, that time has not yet come.