Downing street reported the stabilization of Prime Minister Johnson

However, in the ointment remains the fly in the ointment. Professor Paul hunter, an expert of the Norwich school of Medicine at the University of East Anglia, warned that the full and final cure for coronavirus does not happen by magic. Professor hunter argues that those patients who spent days in intensive care, will require significant time for recovery. “I believe that most of those who were seriously ill, will need quite a long time to recover. I would expect that this grievously ill need at least a month and possibly two months to fully return to its previous status and become fully capable.”

Photo: Andrew Parsons/10 Downing Street via AP media: Boris Johnson watches best of British the doctor in diseases of the lungs

Professor Anthony Gordon, consultant in intensive care at Imperial College London, agrees with this. He believes that the Prime Minister will take months before he fully regains his health. Doctors adhere to the following formula: for each day spent in the ICU, recovering patient will have to give yourself to the recovery of one week.

this means that, if you count the above formula, it is Boris Johnson, who is already more than two days in intensive care, will be required after discharge from the hospital two and a half weeks of vacation. If he can afford such “luxury” – is doubtful. Temperament and inexhaustible energy of the British Prime Minister is widely known.

Photo: Reuters When and how doctors in different countries to help patients with COVID-19

meanwhile, the absence of Boris Johnson is already beginning to cause some discomfort and in the Cabinet and in Parliament. Temporarily replace Johnson’s foreign Minister Dominic Raab, judging by the reviews of high-ranking politicians, not too satisfies his persona here politicheskii Olympus.

As noted by the British “guardian”, “hospitalization of the Prime Minister in intensive care has shocked the nation and left an empty place in the heart of power during the greatest crisis unseen for a generation”.