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In the state Duma amendments on spreading false information about circumstances that threaten the life and security of citizens, including about the coronavirus. The punishment is up to 5 years of imprisonment
In the Republic of Crimea filed the first case on the violator of the regime of self-isolation of coronavirus. He visited the medical center and infected doctor. Also discovered were nine people for violating quarantine
31 March, state Duma deputies intend to pass a law on assistance to business and a number of industries on the background of the coronavirus. In particular, all the tourists who have bought tickets abroad or in Russia, will receive one hundred percent compensation
The Cabinet will assist a wide range of organizations with losses from the negative impact of coronavirus. "We are preparing measures to support organizations working in the field of culture, leisure, entertainment, physical culture and sports", - said Mikhail Mishustin
Self-isolation will help people to defend against the coronavirus, but could harm the health due prolonged forced sedentary lifestyle. Deputy Minister of health Oleg Salagai told how to reduce the negative effects of stay at home
In the suburban Chapter of the interior to establish what kind of police misinformed the residents of the Moscow region about a supposed introduction in the region of the curfew. The police was supposed to inform people only of the necessity of adherence to isolation
Since March 30, temporarily restricted the movement through checkpoints on the Russian state border in order to prevent coronavirus. These measures do not affect commercial flights, he explained, "RG" experts
Monday, March 30, Russia fully closes land border crossings. The government believes that this measure will greatly help to limit the spread of coronavirus infection
Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin on March 29 signed a decree that the capital is entered home quarantine for all. Citizens are forbidden to leave the place of residence, except for certain cases
In Moscow was closed 14.9 thousand public catering enterprises and over 40 thousand stores. "In General, the mechanism of social distancing began to work", - summed up the first days the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and urged all to take care of yourself and stay home
Russia from March 30 to limit the movement through all border crossing points, including road and rail. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. This is another measure to combat the spread of coronavirus
Food and medicine for animals entered the Cabinet approved the list of commodities. Pets do not pose a threat to people in connection with the distribution of COVID-19, but it is important to observe the rules of hygiene after the walk, experts say
The Minister of health of Michael Murashko urged Russians to behave responsibly and to refrain from visiting public places. He also spoke about the influence of climate, Russian baths and alcohol on coronavirus
Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin thanked the Metropolitan physicians for their work in the fight against coronavirus. "Always with great respect for the work of physicians, but for now just admire," he said
In reference Nizhny Novgorod children's policlinic correspondent "RG" reported that all the doctors working normally, vaccinations are on schedule. However, the rules of the game are changing before our eyes. It is necessary to follow
The mayor appealed to residents of Moscow with the request not to leave home during non-working weeks. "This is not an extraordinary holiday and a key measure to combat spread of the new coronavirus infection," - said the mayor
On Friday Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has opened the largest in the country the clinic for patients with COVID-19, designed by 1,3 thousand beds. The new hospital has been deployed in city clinical hospital №15 named after Filatov. In Moscow already prepared a Department of eight hospitals
The head of the Ministry of health Michael Murashko recommends Russians in the period of non-working weeks to minimise contact with others. "Not the situation when you need to use the weekend to go to visit my grandmother," says the Minister
Pet shops and liquefied gas will be sold on a non-working week in Moscow, reported the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. In addition, the city will work in the phone stores. "RG" has published the corresponding decree of the mayor
During non-working weeks from 28 March to 5 April, the shops and pet shops will continue to work in Moscow. In addition, the list of commodities that can be sold during this period included liquefied natural gas
To may may decrease the activity of the proliferation of coronavirus. This was stated by chief epidemiologist, Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Nikolay Briko. According to him, the activity of such an infection is increased only in the autumn-winter period
One of the terrible consequences of war and infectious disease. After the great Patriotic war the sanitary-epidemiological units of the Soviet Union traveled to the areas of the epidemics in Poland and in China. This assistance to tell children very young then Ada Kulchitskaya
Isolation - this is a small limitation compared to life and health, said Mikhail Mishustin. The Prime Minister noted with regret that not everyone understands how the situation is serious, lightly, thinking that their situation will not affect
Hospital №15 named. Filatova in Moscow willing to accept cases of coronavirus. To do this, they trained more than 1,300 beds, said the Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova
Citizens over 65 years, located on the isolation in connection with the decisions of the authorities of the Moscow region will not be fined for violation of the established regime, said in the state Duma
In the state Duma the amendments of the Cabinet of Ministers on strengthening of administrative responsibility for violation of the rules of quarantine. Citizen who frivolity can be fined a maximum of 300 thousand rubles, and the company - on one million roubles
The world health organization will allocate funds to combat COVID-19. However, who will extend the mandate to coordinate international action. This is stated in a joint statement on the results of the virtual G20 summit
President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which all weekdays next week - from 30 March to 3 April will be non-functional, to reduce the speed of the spread of coronavirus infection. Someone will still have to work and who stays for a week at RG
Telephone conversation of presidents of Russia and France took place right in front of the emergency summit "group of twenty" in a videoconference format. Putin and macron told each other about measures to combat the spread of coronavirus
The state Duma intends before the end of next week to take all the laws on the initiatives voiced in the address of the President of the Russian Federation in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, said Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin
The procedure of registration of medical devices for the diagnosis of coronavirus infection expedited, said the health Ministry. Subject to the compliance filing it will be in the shortest possible time
Russian President Vladimir Putin joined the G20 summit on the coronavirus, which is held by video conference. During the summit, in addition to combating the spread of COVID-19 will discuss the impact of the pandemic on the global economy
March 28 in Moscow will close all the restaurants, cafes and beauty salons. Restrictions will apply until 5 April. This is stated in the decree of the mayor Sergey Sobyanin. Will stop all shopping except for food and pharmacy
The government has specified which foreign citizens does not extend a temporary ban on entry to Russia. We are talking about employees of diplomatic missions, members of families of citizens of the Russian Federation, the persons residing in the territory of the country
Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced new restrictive measures in Moscow. He stressed that they are imposed temporarily, from 28 March to 5 April. Their goal is to make Russians stay at home and thereby slowed the spread of coronavirus infection
As of March 26, the airports will be organized inspection of all citizens arriving from countries where cases of infection with coronavirus infection COVID-19. The corresponding order the Cabinet of Ministers gave the Ministry of transport and Rosaviation
The Cabinet gave the agencies the number of new orders to counter the spread of the coronavirus. So, Friday will be halted scheduled and Charter flights from the rest of the world, with the exception of flights for the return of the Russians
The President signed a decree "On declaring in the Russian Federation are non-working days." The goal of the decision - the provision of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population
Vladimir Putin, in a video message announced urgent measures to ensure the social protection of citizens, preservation of their income and jobs. Among them is a new payment to families, the deferral of taxes for business and vacation loans
Cafes, restaurants and other food service establishments in non-working week in Moscow should be closed. This opinion was expressed by mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Also the city government will take a decision on the mode of operation of shopping malls and parks
The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin sure that the peak incidence of coronavirus in the city has not yet passed. Thus city authorities hope that it will go smoothly - it is now sent to numerous measures taken in the city and the country
In Moscow on March 25 introduced new restrictions to prevent COVID-19. Close all the cultural and recreational facilities. In cafes and bars you can't smoke hookah. Dentistry will provide only emergency care for acute pain
To prescribe a prescription drug in paper form or in electronic form now allowed for a maximum period of 180 days. But by ordering medication by phone or through the Internet, to come after him will still have to the pharmacy, said the Ministry of health
Michael Mishustin has promised strictly to punish the governors for shortcomings in the fight against coronavirus. "To neglect the health of people in such a dangerous period is unacceptable," - said the head of government
At the airport after passport control all arrivals from abroad measured temperature. If it is normal and no symptoms - go home. For the two-week quarantine. Home they go with all
The introduction of remote voting of deputies in connection with the prevention of coronavirus impossible. It is not stipulated by rules of the state Duma, said the Chairman of the lower house of Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin. Talking about remote work at this time would be wrong, he added
In Moscow patients with mild coronavirus infection can with their consent to be treated at home. A temporary treatment order for the period from March 23 to March 30 approved by his order the head of the health Department of the capital Alexei Khripun
The decision to postpone the Olympic games in Tokyo, adopted by the IOC and the government of Japan, it is true. In the current environment of athletes cannot guarantee the security, said the head of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev
On a Single portal of public services created a special service dedicated to the coronavirus. The service allows a person to determine his belonging to risk groups, as well as keep a diary monitoring your health
The state Duma Council on March 25 will meet in emergency session to discuss the amendments on deprivation of liberty for a term up to seven years and severe penalties for violation of quarantine. Fines can be up to 2 million rubles or the salary in the period up to 5 years