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Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin urged parliamentarians coordinated to work together to "accurately" and without losses to the economy and people getting the pandemic coronavirus. He also thanked MPs for their support
Russia resumes special flights for the return of their nationals from abroad. Today will be committed flights on route Bishkek-Yekaterinburg, Dhaka-Nizhny Novgorod. Information about subsequent flights will be posted on the portal and website stopmanager.Russia
The government approved a series of support measures for organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the spheres most affected by the spread of the new coronavirus infection
From 8 April, the banks will start issuing loans to pay salaries for anti-crisis program. Their maximum value is determined depending on the number of employees and the minimum wage in the calculation of 6 months. The amount of support will be 130 billion rubles
Allied professions will involve working in the hospitals, assisting patients with coronavirus infection. This is stated in a new order of Ministry of health
The Cabinet announced new measures to support households and businesses in terms of negative impact on the economy coronavirus infection. These include the abolition of penalties for debts on housing services and automatic renewal of term licenses
The mark-up on medical mask and gloves in retail should not exceed 10 cents per unit. The corresponding document was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
Russia was innovative Express test, which allows an accuracy of more than 94% to determine the presence of coronavirus infection in the human body. This was reported in the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation
Today the evening will be schedule the first of the special flights for evacuation of Russian citizens, which are due to imposed worldwide restrictions may not be able to return home. This was stated by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
Studies on the presence of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Russia will be paid according to the system of mandatory medical insurance. "All who are in need of urgent medical aid, will be", - stressed in the Cabinet
The government has set the maximum size of loans for the citizens of "credit holidays", introduced on the background of the spread of coronavirus. For individuals, consumer loan should not exceed 250 thousand rubles
Workers who need to communicate with a large number of people, you need to use protection, and process hand antiseptics. Employers must provide their employees, said the health Ministry
The number of people infected with novel coronavirus infection in Russia has increased for the last day on 658 people. Most cases in the capital - 536. During the day, discharged with recovery 22
The Russians have a number of questions arise about the regulation of family relationships in the period of self-isolation. Lawyer Asiya mukhamedshina told "RG" on how you can punish a domestic tyrant and should I wait for the surge of divorces
Moscow is in the highest risk group in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, so the local authorities are taking tough decisions to prevent its spread. This was stated by the mayor Sergei Sobyanin
The dollar for the first time in two weeks in the early hours of the month fell below 77 rubles, and euros - less than 83. In April the foreign exchange market will depend on the negotiations on the reduction of oil production and the rate decision of the Central Bank
From the sixth of April in Nizhny Novgorod region starts the new wave of electronic hospital quarantine: for working people older than 65 years. This applies to those who can't work remotely
Safe conditions for living in an apartment house should provide control of the organization. Their duties include the carrying out of works for disinfection of the common property for the destruction of infectious agents
Some of the entrances appeared which stated that in the outbreak of viral infections in the next 10 days in an apartment will be sanitized. Whether to believe this information?
Sergei Sobyanin recalled that the enterprises and organizations in respect of which has not been set a ban on their citizens visiting will have to adjust his work. "As soon as the danger disappears, these measures will be abolished," said the mayor
The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin reminded the public about the amendments to the RF Code of administrative offences, which establishes liability for violation of the regime of high alert
The government approved the procedure for rendering assistance to Russian citizens abroad and do not have the opportunity to return to Russia because of the situation in the world with the coronavirus. For these purposes it was allocated 500 million RUBLES
In Russia the vaccine for coronavirus. Already completed testing of the prototype vaccines in mice and ferrets. It is assumed that the test on humans will begin in June
Russians who are still abroad and cannot fly home, you can count on the assistance of the government of the Russian Federation. For this they need to specify the necessary data on the government Services website
Even in the current difficult situation, all the life support systems of Moscow continue to function as a clock. About how during high alert, the city has retained a high level of comfort, "RG" said Deputy mayor for housing Pyotr Biryukov
Theatres are closed, the shooting stopped, but without Prime will not stay. Auditions, screen tests, rehearsals moved online. In the breaks - you can do the country. "RG" learned how to live in the mode of isolation of the actors and Directors
How to keep the attention of the student at the screen, what the teacher avatar colourful and when to take a break during the online lesson, said the Director of the school, candidate of political Sciences Maria Kaluga
The government will allocate from the reserve Fund money to help the Russians, who were unable to return home because of the pandemic coronavirus. The funds will be earmarked for the payment of Russians and renewal documents
In the Duma Committee on housing policy and housing and communal services told, for whose account disinfected entrances in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, and for any scenario of housing and communal services can become more expensive
This week Muscovites behave correctly and try to stay home, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. However, according to him, continue to walk about three million citizens. And that's fine, I'm sure the mayor
In terms of quarantine is becoming more and more popular with volunteers and couriers, delivering food, medicines and essential commodities. This work needs to be regulated, said the co-Chairman of consumers Union Vladimir Slepak
Vladimir Putin has allowed the remote sale of OTC drugs, and prescription in the context of the epidemic. Pharmacies are allowed to sell over the Internet medicines, except those which trade specifically restricted or prohibited
The hospitals in the regions must be prepared for a potential admission of patients, because the peak incidence of coronavirus infection in Russia has not yet passed, said Mikhail Mishustin. "We can not exclude development of events according to the most difficult scenario," he added
Passport under the regime of self-isolation needs to carry every resident of Moscow. This was stated by the Chairman of city Parliament Alexey Shaposhnikov. He stressed that the registration address with the actual place of residence to verify nobody will
The longer the mode of isolation, the more disturbing medical issue. Many clinics, including paid, cancelled a planned reception. Even cancer research to finish nowhere
Coronavirus makes a difference in the lives of ordinary citizens and the actions of the authorities, whose working agenda is filled with questions to counter the negative impact of infection. The President signed a package of relevant laws, and a number of decisions have been issued on Thursday
The correspondent "the Russian newspaper" has been in the Microbiology laboratory performing tests for COVID-19. And learned the main condition for the cessation of the epidemic coronaviruses
The introduction of passes for getting around the city is irrelevant for Moscow, says mayor Sergei Sobyanin. "The experience of the first non-working week have shown that while this is not necessary," wrote the mayor in his blog
The government will allocate 2.6 billion rubles for preferential loans for urgent needs small and medium businesses. First and foremost it is about maintaining employment in the airline industry, tourism, catering, further education and household services
Vyacheslav Volodin has offered to provide grant support to small and medium businesses, engaged in manufacture of masks and disinfectants. A solution must be found to address their deficit, said the Chairman of the state Duma
Sergey Aleksandrovich was the first in the Kuban region, who found the coronavirus. And he's in the risk zone. But the doctors did. Complete recovery was confirmed by two samples taken at the clinic
Quarantined for coronavirus citizens will need to keep an electronic log of their well-being, and at the same time confirm that are at home. This was stated by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
In the state Duma told the difference between quarantine, violation of which is expected to severely punish, from isolation, which entered first in Moscow and then in other regions. Fines for violations in isolation suggested a softer
For citizens living in the quarantine coronavirus, introduce new rules. They will be required to fill in the journal health on a single portal of public services and to confirm the presence of the house, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
In Russia there is a new type of fraud associated with the mass cancellation of flights due to pandemic COVID-19. Criminals calling from the airlines with a proposal to return the money for the flights and the alleged return of the money know credit cards
Self-isolation is a challenge. When the family is always at home, to quarrel in the neighborhood. How not to be afraid of bad news, coping with stress, fear of job loss? "RG" asked the psychologist Natalia Druzhinin
The state Duma adopted in the second reading the norm about granting vacation credit to citizens and small and medium-sized businesses. The adoption of the document associated with the request of the President of the Russian Federation on the background of the situation with coronavirus
Sergei Sobyanin has decided to cancel the contributions for the repair of Muscovites from April 1 to June 30. In addition, betting offices, totalizators and betting shops, according to the decree of the mayor should suspend work until further notice
Quarantine and isolation can learn to save. The correspondent "the Russian newspaper" within ten days forced to sit at home, brought the three main rules, how to reduce household expenses
The tightening of the regime of self-isolation has already given its effect, said Deputy Moscow mayor Anastasia Rakova. Monday, March 30, the situation has improved, the majority of Muscovites stayed home, she said