The Cabinet has expanded the list of laboratories for testing for the coronavirus

the Head of the government held the presidency of the coordinating Council on combating the spread of novel coronavirus infection. The importance has more coverage testing. To each person in need had the opportunity to check their health and do the test, the government broadens the range of laboratories that conduct such studies. “The right test for coronavirus have received all the said laboratories, including private, non-state,” – said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers. You must submit email notification on the website of the Federal service, and in case of detection of a novel coronavirus laboratory needs to transmit information to the Federal service.

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG Putin announced new measures to support citizens and businesses

Citizens concerned for their health and loved ones, are interested in expanding testing, and this increases the demand in the test systems. “We have all the possibilities to produce test systems and to meet the needs within the country,” – said Mishustin. The number of carried out tests for coronavirus Russia is among the three leading countries – already made about 800 thousand studies.

Our country at the same time manages to help other countries. Russian tests in more than 30 countries, primarily in the CIS countries. “These measures are necessary primarily in order to minimize the risk of infection in our country”, – explained the Prime Minister.

Mishustin returned to the peculiarities of the disease in the regions. Administrations of subjects of the Russian Federation received the right to decide what measures they need to enter in the hungthe physical volumes from the situation, including to identify the industries and enterprises, whose work should be continued. Production, drew the attention of the Prime Minister, must take into account the requirements of the CPS. “The absolute priority must remain the health of workers, – said Mishustin. It is extremely important to the production was performed by the sanitary rules and recommendations for the prevention of novel coronavirus infection.”

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Skvortsova has told, when will the recession coronavirus in Russia

If remote work is impossible, you need to enforce a safe distance, to organize the work in shifts, to place people on different floors or in separate rooms, check their temperature before and during the working day, and provide workers with disinfectants, regularly disinfected jobs. When the temperature increases and the signs of an infectious disease, the employee must be suspended from work with registration of sick leave, said the Prime Minister.

Increased security measures mandatory for medical institutions that receive infected with the coronavirus. The Prime Minister advised including to attract specialists-epidemiologists in the health resort organizations which are temporarily down. “I ask all regions to actively use this resource to prevent nosocomial spread of infection. It is very important”, – said Mikhail Mishustin.

Between themichael Mishustin discussed with the liberal democratic party a fee for Parking

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin continues a series of consultations with representatives of parliamentary factions on Wednesday via video link, he listened to offersozenia the liberal democratic party.

Two days before the head of government communicated with the deputies from the Communist party and “Fair Russia”: did you discuss the development of agriculture, rural areas, construction of new schools and the development of universities, support for people with low income, remote work of cultural institutions, a number of other issues. The liberal Democrats, in turn, intended to raise the issues of support of small and average business, physical education and sport.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG Sergei Sobyanin: Help lost job think the most important personal task

Michael Mishustin has noticed that for each topic we have to consider special conditions that are now forced to work all the authorities. “We all actually mobilized on a permanent job 24/7 – he stressed. – Despite the continued fight against the spread of coronavirus infection, it is necessary not only to take swift action that will help go through the current difficult period, but also to ensure the restoration of business activity after the end of quarantine measures”.

Actions of the State Duma in the government highly appreciated. The Prime Minister said MPs are aware of their responsibility for the common result when working with the initiatives of the President and the government act as a reliable, responsible partners.

the speaker of the lower house of Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, is also involved in these consultations, assured that this will continue. He reminded the gathering about the tasks the President set the meeting with the governors, and announced new measures to support citizens and businesses, particular attention was paid to health workers. “In this regard, it is extremely important together with the government to do all it can to legally ensure the decisions”, – said the Chairman of the state Duma.

Representatives of the liberal democratic party came to the meeting with several new initiatives. The head of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs Yaroslav Nilov believes possible in terms of coronavirus to cancel the fee for Parking for a number of categories of citizens, primarily doctors and nurses. Mishustin and Volodin supported this idea and agreed to contact governors and mayors that they had considered this possibility at their level. Moscow authorities have decided – Parking for physicians will soon be free, have informed in a press-service of the Moscow Department of transport.

Photo: željko bošković / TASS the Military is developing a new vaccine against coronavirus

the Leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky gave a few tips on how you can compensate for the shortage of medical personnel during a pandemic coronavirus. “We can attract on a voluntary basis, doctors, pensioners. You need to give it away diplomas to graduates of medical schools. Why wait until June – July? Let in April,” he said. The crisis is also an opportunity of development, said Zhirinovsky. Now you can make a breakthrough in the field of health: to build hospitals, to train personnel. It is important, in his view, to accelerate the development of vaccines against coronavirus. “If China or the US will overtake us, we they also have to buy the vaccine, so we can become the first in the world and sell it themselves,” said the leader of the liberal Democrats.