Mishustin explained the procedure of removal of citizens of the Russian Federation on the list of

during the meeting President of Russia Vladimir Putin with governors, the head of Primorye territory Oleg Kozhemyako raised the issue of the return of “trapped” overseas Russians. According to him, not all of them understand how to submit an application through the “public Services”, in addition, it can be difficult to do in the transit area of the airport of departure.

According to Michael mishustina, any difficulties with applying through the “public Services” no form “tested, shown, it’s very simple”. “Almost eight hours since the form was posted, it was filled with about 35 thousand people. Those who are informed that they are ready to return,” – said the Prime Minister.

He also gave explanations concerning the procedure of the removal of the Russians from abroad. “The process built in the following way: first a list of applicants who tested, including the format-logic control colleagues from the interior Ministry, the FSB, to what they write, meet,” – said the head of the Cabinet.

Photo: Anton butsenko/TASS the President urged not to stop the economy due to the coronavirus

According to him, the first list, which was assembled on 27 and 30 March, contained approximately 15 thousands of invalid information. “So within two days was in order. Now, in terms of identify for 18 thousand citizens who have gone through all the relevant checks, brought to seven the relevant departments who participate in this algorithm. It is the interior Ministry, the FSB, this Agency is, respectively, “Aeroflot”, which is responsible for the export, it is the regions that accept them (citizens)”, – said the Prime Minister.

Turn formed the basis adopted by the staff limit: 500 people in Moscow and 200 to the Federation, recalled Mishustin.