The business will receive support in the fight against COVID-19

“it is Important to minimize the crisis, to soften the blow for business, the loss of which, frankly, already quite serious, and can be even more significant,” warned the Russian leader.

Photo: iStock Putin: Unemployed parents will pay 3 thousand per month per child

the Head of state reminded that the government already has reduced social contributions for small and medium-sized businesses in half, from 30 to 15 percent.

“Made it so that companies have additional resources to pay for the workers, – said the President. – This measure, as already said, is long-term”.

as an emergency, additional assistance, he proposed another measure. Namely, to extend to all affected businesses small and medium businesses delay the payment of insurance contributions to social funds for six months. By analogy with the way it’s already done for micro-enterprises.

Another measure relates to taxes. The head of state recalled that for small and medium business the government has already provided for the deferral of all taxes except VAT is imposed for the next six months.

“But should not be a situation when after six months the companies have, at one time to repay accumulated debts, – said Putin. Is most worries the business community is negatively would affect the business.”

In this regard, it requested to restructure this debt. “It will be possible to extinguish smoothly equal monthly instalments for a period of not less than a year after a delay”, – said the head of state.

Third, the Commission addressed the government with the participation of the Central Bank. Within five days you will need to prepare a programme of additional support businessand. It should allow companies to preserve employment, income of employees, Putin said.

He touched on the measures taken at the regional level. The President reminded that in each region formed a regional list of companies that are playing an important, systemic role in the economy of subjects of Federation. Putin asked the governors to understand the problems of each enterprise, to promote sustainability, preservation of employment.

Photo: Anton butsenko/TASS the President urged not to stop the economy due to the coronavirus

“I Understand that entrepreneurs have a hard time, he added, – but you see, dear friends, that it happens everywhere, all around the world. Falling demand, reduced orders, many companies did not just come, especially in the service sector, many closed.”

Putin called the situation “a serious challenge for every entrepreneur, his business reputation.”

“I am Confident that the business is thinking about the future, will make every effort to keep their teams and their teams and this is a responsible, Mature approach, we will support, – the President said. – Consider fair the following formula: to help, primarily, first and foremost, those companies that maintain employment”.