Penambuco will continue to accept applications of consumers of financial services

the Ombudsman will be to receive and consider complaints and render decisions. An exception may be only the disputes of consumers and financial institutions that ceased operations before April 30, and had failed to provide documents and information on request financial Ombudsman. Consideration of this category of cases will be completed after the established mode of working days.

the state Duma adopted the law on the regional Ombudsman

At the time of the adverse epidemiological situation penopoliuretane recommends citizens direct access in electronic form through a private office on the website of the Ombudsman. Personal reception of citizens and correspondence is suspended until April 30.

If you have any questions related to filing complaints, consumers can contact the call centre of a financial Ombudsman by phone 8 (800) 200-00-10 (Monday – Friday from 09:00 to 21:00 Moscow time, for free calls from Russian regions).

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At the same time solve the financial commissioners, taken at the 30.03.2020 30.04.2020 will enter into force, taking into account peculiarities of the current legislation. The date of entry into force of the decision of the financial Commissioner, accepted by results of consideration of appeals, established in part 1 of article 23 of the Federal law “on the Commissioner for the rights of consumers of financial services” in working days (10 working days). According to the decree of the President days from 30 March to 30 April declared. Therefore, if the decision of the financial Ombudsman outcome of treatment of consumers taken during the long weekend period effective date would begin on the first business day occurring after April 30. In accordance with the applicable regulations in this day is may 6, specified in the message a press-services of the Ombudsman.

the institution of the rights of consumers of financial services started to work in Russia on 1 June 2019. First, the Ombudsman has dealt with disputes related solely to motor insurance. November 28, its powers expanded. Him began to turn dissatisfied with the payments to the owners of any insurance policies, with the exception of OMS. From 1 January 2020, the obligation to work with the financial representative will have microfinance organizations.