How to comply with isolation, actors, Directors and writers

“the Russian newspaper” continues to tell us how to spend time in isolation actors, Directors and writers.

how to comply with isolation actors directors and writers 1Yuri Grymov. Photo: Press service of the theater “Modern”

Yury Grymov: How bright will be our meeting after a long break!

Today the theatre seemed to have paused, said “RG” Yuri Grymov, artistic Director of the Moscow drama theatre “Modern”. In such conditions we find ourselves for the first time, and everyone is trying to fill the gap as you can. Many theater groups began to spread in the network shooting their performances.

Photo: Press-service of the BDT them. G. A. Tovstonogov Bolshoi drama theater first staged the virtual season

it would Seem, in terms of General quarantine when people are at home locked in the four walls without the ability to visit your favorite cultural institutions, the idea of online broadcasts literally “on the surface”. However, they met quite a restrained response from the audience, although I have personally seen these performances live performances are beautiful! Acting at the level of the Director’s decision are staggering.

Why is the audience perceived it now? In my opinion, everything is clear simple: theatre is mysterious, lively, magical action. This is what is happening here and now. It is unique, and therein lies its complexity. Broadcast the miracle at a distance, even in online mode, the idea is extremely ambiguous, and viewers comments are the best proof. I am totally against this approach.

Photo: Press-service of Sochia reliable theatre on Fontanka Youth theatre on the Fontanka, invited the audience to the Internet

the Theatre “Modern” are always in communication, and in conditions of isolation, we continue to have a dialogue with the audience. Actors theatre read on camera poems and prose. Sometimes I go out in the ethers in their social networks, where happy to answer questions from our viewers.

Also, we don’t stop preparing for the premiere performances, carry out online rehearsals with actors, using the online conferences. But the idea to put recordings of performances in the network we refused, as well as from lectures online, because they require careful preparation. Similar experiments can deter viewers from watching the same plays live when the opportunity arises. In my opinion, it kills interest in the theatre.

We look forward to when we can see his audience face to face, eye to eye. Just imagine how bright will the meeting, when, after a long break, we will be able to take the big stage of the theatre “Modern” to work together to re-create and relive the wonder. It will be unique performances. So I’ll see you in the theater “Modern”!

how to comply with isolation actors directors and writers 4Anwar Myampquot;. Photo: From personal archive

Anwar Myampquot;: I go Once a week in our house, watering the flowers

I quickly adapt to external conditions, – admitted the myampquot; Anwar, actor of clown-MIME-theater “actors” (St.-Petersburg). – School “Actors” was brought up in our self-sufficiency and independence. Therefore, we on a desert island to survive we can!

Photo: Igor Russak/RIA Novosti Hermitage revealed how they live in the isolation of the Museum cats

Refer to this time as to the unexpected leave, at their own expense! In fact, doing everyday household chores, Koharu, go for bread and milk, walk the dog, feed Pets and pick up after them. And in between listening, watching, reading music, poetry, movies. All prosaic, nothing original. I go once a week in our house, watered the flowers, aerate the lobby.

there was a time when a lot of work, nonstop, remember to breath right. Early morning filming, then to the theater until midnight. And the theater-circus “Krakatuk” and performance in “Shelter comedian”, and repertory, and is touring with train on the plane, in the subway and on the bus home. Sleep, sleep, sleep, weekend, called “sleep off day”. And dreamed, and thought, when all this is over, it will be possible to sleep and doing nothing to do? And here it came! I catch up on sleep. Boca beat the hell out and lain.

how to comply with isolation actors directors and writers 6Valery Popov. Photo: From personal archive

Valery Popov: I felt the Earth’s rotation

– Freedom from the daily monotonous work, primanota to the laptop opens his eyes, awakens the senses, says the writer, Chairman of the writers ‘ Union of St. Petersburg Valery Popov. – I turned to the window and saw that spring has come. The sun all winter long here away finally “blew up” in our yard-a well and reached from the roof to the second floor Windows.

Photo: iStock a list of the best writers of the prophecies about the epidemics

However, it affected only the Windows opposite, I’m used to it, but the reflected light happy, my apartment is lit for the first time this year. Or – first noticed? This holiday will not be canceled no quarantine. On the contrary, the quarantine gave it to me.

And because I have time more than ever, I watchRel around longer than usual and noticed the rotation of the earth. Border of sun and shadow on the house opposite, on the second floor – stage. It’s the same – for the first time, I probably said to myself – not that other, as the shadow of my house, and the protrusions of the tube. After all, once the house was heated with wood! Surprised? But not only that. Eyes these black “teeth”, eye shadow tubes – move along the facade opposite and darken someone’s window and another open to the sun, but importantly for me – this is changing, and the illumination of my apartment.

Suddenly the reflected beam lit up my favorite flower on the table, and I saw the buds! Yay! I went to the next room to saw this miracle and wife – but when we came to office…the flower faded! And lit was already bookshelf – shone is another window opposite. I even rocked. As quick turns, spinning earth, and everything changes. And I, for the first time in a long time, suddenly felt himself on the planet, and not in the Network. And returned a powerful sense of life, almost “disabled”.

how to comply with isolation actors directors and writers 8Elena Chizhova. Photo: From personal archive

Elena Chizhova’s Important to organize your day

– Life in isolation for me used. The most important thing is to organize your day, advises the writer, the winner of the award “Russian Booker” in 2009 Elena Chizhov (St.-Petersburg). – In the morning I’m always working. Writing a new novel, hope to finish next winter.

Photo: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS Writer Guzel Yakhina said that makes in isolation

After dinner, engaged in different household chores – by the way, a great way to pass the quarantine time. All week with a vacuum cleaner and cloth in hand put in order our home library. Found a set of books believed lost. Now read them, or rather, rereading.

In the nearest plans: to sew a summer jacket (fabric purchased in February) and finally to disassemble the pantry.

Used to chat with friends on WhatsApp and Skype. Seems to be yet obtained, but live communication is not enough. Console myself with the fact that this life is locked up will end sooner or later – and then catch up.

“RG” will continue to publish stories of famous people about its isolation.

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