Employees of the Russian nuclear power plant was transferred to the

Here, in the sanatorium-preventorium “Energetik”, which is five kilometers from the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant, the eighth of April came new guests. Resting is hard to call them is the staff necessary for the smooth and safe operation of stations: duty and standby shifts.

Photo: Novovoronezh nuclear power plant the Staff of the NPP provided a safe environment to live and work

In a sanatorium nuclear scientists were sent only with personal consent. Before moving, each passed the test for the coronavirus, the results were negative. Together with the staff of nuclear power plants in voluntary isolation has gone another 50 people – staff Energy, doctors and nurses. Their health is also checked – with the same result.

Tourists from dispensary dismissed to go home 25 March – after the announcement of the national output. Three days it took to disinfect the housing and facilities, paths, trails – all the corners where recently walked people. A team of workers in full protection treated with a special spray. The asphalt on the street swept and washed under running water. From that moment the territory is not letting anyone. In this crystal-clean Energetik met new guests.

Yogurt before bed

Each of the 132 employees of Novovoronezh NPP transferred to the barracks, given a separate room with all amenities. The clock features a billiard room, a well equipped gym, cinema room and library. You can play chess and table tennis, play table football or watch the squirrels, swans and other animals inhabiting the territory of “Energy”. To organize recreation and to strengthen the spirit after the change to the employees helps the professional entertainer.

Photo: iStock the Ministry of health has developed a special diet for quarantined Russians

All expenses for accommodation in the sanatorium, three meals a day nutrition, cultural and health services took over the concern. He brings workers to and from work – it is between “Energy” and the power plant runs a special bus that before each flight disinfected.

“Excellent conditions. Comfortable bed, slept good today, – said the head of the shift NPP Vyacheslav Komarov. – There are enough options to occupy yourself in your free time. And simulators, and Billiards, you can read, or just take a walk. The grounds are very beautiful. Promised karaoke. Today to sing does not work, leave the change. But then – definitely. There are downsides, of course. Now the Internet half of our lives, and in some chassis issues with the Wi-Fi. I would like to solve the issue with the pool”.

Feed the power on the highest level: every day a new menu, fresh fruits and vegetables. For calories, vitamins, and balance meals following dietary sister. The work schedule is linked to the dining room with the schedule of shifts of nuclear power plants. And at 21:00 all give the kefir.

On the territory there are no stalls, no shops, but this is not necessary. Food adult healthy male enough. The health of the nuclear scientists see the chief doctor of the sanatorium, GP and four nurses. They regularly check the well-being of everyone on site, monitoring the cleanliness of facilities and General epidemiological situation.

No output

In exchange for full Board staff shall remain in their designated limits until further notice. The alcohol in the “Energy” is also banned.

Photo: Cyril Kuhmar / TASS Sterilization masks in the enterprise of “Rosatom” organized in three shifts

“We all understand the importance of what is happening and the responsibility of each for the possible spread of coronavirus infection – continued Vyacheslav Komarov. – We also understand how difficult it is to function throughout our industry. At home I had a wife and two children, like many of my colleagues. Separated us will not be easy. But there are telephone, Internet, video. Moreover, it is all for the safety of nuclear power plants and for each of us.” Dispensary fenced from the outside world a strong fence, festooned with surveillance cameras. At the checkpoint around the clock staffed security company, they are always connected with the security of nuclear power plants. Pedestrian passage through the checkpoint is prohibited.

About remaining outside the family is taken care of by volunteers – they will take the delivery products and other household problems. Now activists of youth organizations of nuclear power plants help elderly and explain to the residents of Novovoronezh behaviors during a pandemic. Volunteers work in personal protective equipment.

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