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We go along with the chief doctor of the Irkutsk Hospital of veterans of wars by Igor Demin through the deserted corridors and see what has already been done.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Rakov: 40 urban clinics pereprofilirovanie for patients with suspected coronavirus

– never in all the time hospital, and we next year will celebrate 25 years in this building was not such silence, – says the physician. – Usually in corridors and recreations voices in the lobby, someone watching TV, someone in the library for a book goes. And now all the patients are sent home, four people transferred to convalesce at the Regional geriatric centre. Just a week we have everything ready for the reception of patients with the coronavirus.

All areas of the hospital has 200 beds, divided into “clean” and “dirty”. Thought out itineraries to the way in space do not intersect. This is done in order to block the path of the infection. Even the main entrance to the hospital is now temporarily closed – staff fall into it through the spare inputs. The main entrance will be given to transport patients.

Go to the chamber – they are in the hospital for quadruple and double. Everything is clean, the beds are fitted with disposable underwear, comfortable the curtains lifted, it was easier to disinfect. A fully completed and resuscitation is significantly increased amount of equipment.

Photo: Press-service of city clinical hospital No. 1 of Makhachkala Makhachkala hospital paereoportuale was under the hospital for sick COVID-19

– In recent days we have received a lot of medical equipment, – said Igor Demin. – Now we have nine of the ventilator, six oxygen concentrators, oxygen wiring is in all the wards. In addition, colleagues from the regional Oncology center gave us the bronchoscope and x-ray installation. But that’s not all – prepare documents for the purchase of 40 more medical ventilators, bedside monitors 35, 35 of the vacuum aspirators, infusion pumps 40, 70 masks for non-invasive ventilation and 70 humidifiers oxygen.

In the hospital there are two departments for critically ill patients, each of 35 patients. In one placed patients in need of invasive ventilation, and the other non-invasive (via a mask without intubation or tracheotomy).

the Hardware is all well and good, but equipment without people is no cure. Are the doctors and nurses to work in very difficult conditions?

Photo: Barbara Hertle/RIA Novosti Russians found a replacement masks for protection against coronavirus

– All the doctors and nurses in their places, including two anaesthetist – joins the conversation, the Deputy chief physician by medical part Love Bessonova. – If need be, come to the aid of specialists from other medical institutions of the city – the reserve forms a regional Ministry of health. During the conversion everything the doctors and nurses have been trained to work in the new environment in the portal for continuing medical education time will not lose studied treatment protocols, consult with colleagues in infectious diseases. The mood of everyone working, nobody panics. We and the daily work, helps to adapt to difficult circumstances.

we Managed to catch and training of doctors and nurses – they are the epidemiologist of the hospital every day. Practiced routing of patients, the technique of donning protective suits – all understand that the coherence depends very much, including the safety of the doctors themselves.

In a clean area provided housing for medical staff.

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS employees of the Russian nuclear power plant was transferred to the “barracks”

– to Work in full protective gear – suit, respirator, goggles, booties and gloves – very hard, so more than four hours the change lasts will not be – said the head of the geriatric Department of the hospital Svetlana Brikova. – After that, people need to come to ourselves – to rest, take a shower, take a NAP, finally, to prepare for the next shift. Everything is there – beds made, showers are working, refrigerators for products too. Cook will be at the commissary where all the chefs in full combat readiness.

All in the hospital in medical masks, the lack of them. There are respirators and protective suits, and gloves, and the means for processing of hands.

– When we start to work as an infectious hospital, a stock of individual protection means, of course, be replenished, ends the conversation Igor Demin. – I really hope that this difficult period will not last long. But the situation is changing every day, we understand that you have to be ready for anything.

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