Murashko: Russians are not fully aware of the risks of infection

“We see that people, unfortunately do not feel all the responsibility and the totality of measures to be taken for themselves and, unfortunately, we see that globally the population of Russia is no common understanding of the situation. Yes, many have realized, especially the older generation that there are direct risks. We see including reducing scheduled patients undergoing outpatient treatment, where this treatment is to delay,” he said.

Photo: Barbara Hertle/RIA Novosti Russians found a replacement masks for protection against coronavirus

Mikhail Murashko said that today there are a lot of scenarios. They, according to him, associated, primarily, with a set of measures that lead to stop or suspend the reduction of the activity of the epidemiological process. “There are scenarios where the peak may shift in the summer. There are worse scenarios, when the peak might happen in the near future,” he said.

the Minister also added that the assessment of the effectiveness of Russia’s measures to combat the coronavirus can be given at the end of the week. And she, according to Michael Murashko, not only affects the growth rate of cases.

“If we want to stop the growth of cases, then it should be a rigid quarantine lock down any activity, but of a different order of steps,” – said the Minister.

In Moscow, died on 8 patients with coronavirus

Speaking of exciting all Russians the question whether traditional immunostimulirutuyu products such as garlic, ginger, and lemon to combat the coronavirus, Mikhail Murashko noted that the level of immunity is important, but to treat the virus needed medicines.

“In the current situation the level of the immuNiceta matters, because all of the major medical developments are carried out in two directions. First – are drugs that directly neutralize the virus and block its development. The second group of drugs that enhance the immune system. But no garlic, no lemon, no ginger do not go to any comparison on the effectiveness of drugs, which are enormous in the domestic market. Russia just might be one of the countries that have a sufficiently large range of such products,” – said the Minister.