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"The Russian newspaper" checked, what ended loud stories with regional officials who went to work after travel abroad, without serving legitimate days in quarantine
The government has allocated 5.2 billion rubles for the purchase for the regions 1200 ambulances. The decree was signed by Mikhail Mishustin. During the week the health Ministry will prepare proposals on their distribution
Vladimir Putin gave the government the right to impose a state of emergency in the country and a number of other powers in cases of emergency. The Cabinet will exercise the powers of the coordinating body of the unified state system of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations
In Moscow started testing a application that will monitor the quarantine mode. It is intended mainly for patients with a mild form of the coronavirus, which have the right to stay home
On Tuesday, the state Duma and the Federation Council quickly passed a package of laws aimed at the fulfillment of the President's initiatives to support citizens and the economy against the background of the spread of coronavirus. What has changed, says "RG"
To combat the negative impact of coronavirus in the Russian Federation allocated funds in the amount of more than 1.2% of GDP, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. Among the areas of work: health care, social security, support for economy and regions
The state Duma adopted in the second reading the norm about granting vacation credit to citizens and small and medium-sized businesses. The adoption of the document associated with the request of the President of the Russian Federation on the background of the situation with coronavirus
The state Duma adopted in the first reading the government bill on raising the payments for sick leave until the amount of the minimum wage. The amendments will help to improve the financial situation of about 2.3 million working Russians
Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with presidential Plenipotentiary envoys to the Federal districts in the videoconference. "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published the transcript of the President's speech
The tightening of the regime of self-isolation has already given its effect, said Deputy Moscow mayor Anastasia Rakova. Monday, March 30, the situation has improved, the majority of Muscovites stayed home, she said
Vladimir Putin instructed the government to provide the necessary regional funding for the sustainability of budgets in the context of the epidemic of the coronavirus. He asked the envoys to help the Federal center to objectively assess the needs on the ground
The Federation Council is ready to promptly consider legislative initiatives on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation and to convene an extraordinary meeting. This was stated by the Chairman of the house Valentina Matvienko
Michael Mishustin has urged governors to note the actions undertaken in the Metropolitan area to combat the coronavirus, and to study the possibility of their introduction. "Now our main goal is to be proactive," said he
Behind Moscow for additional restrictions due to coronavirus introduced in the Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov. Residents are not advised to leave their homes and go out only to obtain emergency medical care, shops, pharmacies, banks and shops
"RG" publishes a law allowing the government to regulate prices for medical devices and drugs, not limited to the list of vital and essential. The Cabinet received the right to limit prices in the case of an epidemic, disaster or unwarranted price increases
The visit of Vladimir Putin to see the work of the hospitals in the project was not planned in advance. "Everything was decided on the fly", - said Dmitry Peskov. Even the head physician Denis Protsenko didn't know what the President should come
In Moscow was closed 14.9 thousand public catering enterprises and over 40 thousand stores. "In General, the mechanism of social distancing began to work", - summed up the first days the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and urged all to take care of yourself and stay home
In the government of Mikhail mishustina formed the Presidium. It includes the Prime Minister, all his deputies and a number of Ministers. The format of the Bureau is envisaged by the Federal constitutional law of the land
For violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules, entailed on imprudence mass disease or death of people will face up to 7 years of imprisonment. The relevant amendments approved by the adoption Committee of the state Duma
The mayor appealed to residents of Moscow with the request not to leave home during non-working weeks. "This is not an extraordinary holiday and a key measure to combat spread of the new coronavirus infection," - said the mayor
The head of the Ministry of health Michael Murashko recommends Russians in the period of non-working weeks to minimise contact with others. "Not the situation when you need to use the weekend to go to visit my grandmother," says the Minister
In the state Duma urged Russians not to close accounts in connection with the tax on interest income on deposits and bonds for the sum over 1 million roubles. The amount with which to start tax can raise, and all pensioners be exempt from paying it
Pet shops and liquefied gas will be sold on a non-working week in Moscow, reported the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. In addition, the city will work in the phone stores. "RG" has published the corresponding decree of the mayor
During non-working weeks from 28 March to 5 April, the shops and pet shops will continue to work in Moscow. In addition, the list of commodities that can be sold during this period included liquefied natural gas
Vladimir Putin agreed to instruct about the beginning of design and survey works for the pipeline "Power of Siberia-2". As noted by the head of "Gazprom", the connection of the two parts of the pipeline reasonable and cost effective
It began the first payments via the hospital for quarantine. Employees of Fund have told to the correspondent "RG" on how to write it online. And on that particular note
Citizens over 65 years, located on the isolation in connection with the decisions of the authorities of the Moscow region will not be fined for violation of the established regime, said in the state Duma
The President signed the law on the right of the government to limit the prices of medicines and medical products with the threat of epidemics or in case of emergency. The limit may operate for up to 90 days
Vladimir Putin held a meeting with entrepreneurs. On it the President said that the package announced by the authorities of measures to support business in the conditions of a pandemic coronavirus primarily affects small and medium enterprises - their situation is the most difficult
The state Duma intends before the end of next week to take all the laws on the initiatives voiced in the address of the President of the Russian Federation in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, said Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin
Monthly payments for children from 3 to 7 years for families with per capita income below the regional subsistence minimum will be allocated more than 136 billion rubles. This was reported by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
The government has specified which foreign citizens does not extend a temporary ban on entry to Russia. We are talking about employees of diplomatic missions, members of families of citizens of the Russian Federation, the persons residing in the territory of the country
As of March 26, the airports will be organized inspection of all citizens arriving from countries where cases of infection with coronavirus infection COVID-19. The corresponding order the Cabinet of Ministers gave the Ministry of transport and Rosaviation
The Cabinet gave the agencies the number of new orders to counter the spread of the coronavirus. So, Friday will be halted scheduled and Charter flights from the rest of the world, with the exception of flights for the return of the Russians
Vladimir Putin, in a video message announced urgent measures to ensure the social protection of citizens, preservation of their income and jobs. Among them is a new payment to families, the deferral of taxes for business and vacation loans
Cafes, restaurants and other food service establishments in non-working week in Moscow should be closed. This opinion was expressed by mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Also the city government will take a decision on the mode of operation of shopping malls and parks
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced measures to support families in the spread of the coronavirus. In the next three months, according to his proposal, all families have the right to the matkapital, will pay on 5 thousand roubles on the child
In Moscow on March 25 introduced new restrictions to prevent COVID-19. Close all the cultural and recreational facilities. In cafes and bars you can't smoke hookah. Dentistry will provide only emergency care for acute pain
The government can set maximum allowable retail prices for drugs that are not included in the list of essential drugs. The Federation Council approved the bill on the right of the Cabinet to fix the prices of drugs with the threat of the epidemic
The introduction of remote voting of deputies in connection with the prevention of coronavirus impossible. It is not stipulated by rules of the state Duma, said the Chairman of the lower house of Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin. Talking about remote work at this time would be wrong, he added
Vladimir Putin held a meeting on measures to combat the spread of coronavirus in Russia. After the President went to Moscow the village of Kommunarka and personally inspected the hospital, designed for patients with suspected infection
The President holds a meeting with Cabinet Ministers to discuss proposals for additional measures in connection with the situation in the economy, caused by the spread of coronavirus infection
The state Duma Council on March 25 will meet in emergency session to discuss the amendments on deprivation of liberty for a term up to seven years and severe penalties for violation of quarantine. Fines can be up to 2 million rubles or the salary in the period up to 5 years
Vladimir Putin arrived at the construction site of a future hospital in the Moscow village of Kommunarka. Earlier, the head of state held a meeting on combating coronavirus. It was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin and the Minister of health of Michael Murashko
Across the country for people over 65 years old need to enter home mode and pay compensation Finance costs in connection with the introduction of the regime of self-isolation. This was stated in comments "RG" the Chairman of the party "Fair Russia", leader of the Duma faction WED Sergei Mironov
The government continues to work to preserve the stability of the economy under the influence of coronavirus infection. The actions of the Cabinet of Ministers entered into appropriate plan of action. New orders and orders out every day
The Chairman of Moscow city court Olga Yegorova on "a Business Breakfast" in "RG" told about that, where did the accusations of "accusatory bias" of the courts and how to deal with fake court orders. She also explained how the courts in the fight against coronavirus
The President signed a decree on conferring the title of Hero of labour of the Minister for foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. The Minister awarded "for special labor merits before the state and the people"
Layoffs in the current economic situation needs to be extreme measures, warned Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin employers. It is preferable to introduce flexible work schedules, he said
The government published the action plan for sustainable development of economy in conditions of the spread of coronavirus. To support the economy will allocate 300 billion rubles