Sobyanin: access mode - this inconvenience, but we have no choice

Please be very carefully and seriously to my current treatment.

Over the past month, pandemic raging in much of the world, we have passed several stages of restrictions.

Each of us had to abandon the habitual way and the established rhythm of life.

We had to obey strict regime of self-isolation within the four walls. Don’t go for a walk, drive around town, not to communicate with family and friends. A lot of people dropped their work.

And we all – without exception – are experiencing the excitement for their own health and the health of the people we love.

All of this is extremely difficult.

I recall.

the Closure of educational institutions has led to the restriction of movement of 2 million people.

the 14-day quarantine for visitors from abroad and their households affected 300 thousand residents.

– Isolation of the elderly and chronically ill residents added 2 million people, translated into home mode.

Vacations and downtime of a number of companies – 2 million people. Translations for remote – about the same Muscovites, who have to stay at home.

in total, about 75% of residents today are deprived of the opportunity to move freely in Moscow.

taking into account the region’s residents to work, continue to drive about 3 million people.

Photo: Ilya Pitalev/RIA Novosti Sobyanin: Moscow will face a serious test for coronavirus

According to experts, this level of social separation was optimal in order to slow the spread of infection.

it was important For us to save the economy, not to produce unemployment in Moscow and in neighboring regions, to protect businesses from serious financial problems.

Until recently we were able to do it. The number of Bogrew sick with coronavirus, but not at a dramatic pace.

Now I will tell about what is happening the last days. As I see the situation. As seen by health services and doctors.

Starting Monday, the situation began to deteriorate.

there Is a rapid increase in seriously ill patients with pneumonia. Earlier in the hospital on a daily basis received about five hundred people, now this number is 1 in 300.

the majority of patients are admitted even before it was installed, the laboratory diagnosis of coronavirus. But in the clinical picture and x-ray diagnostics the doctors see that, with high probability – this is a coronavirus. Nothing good such dynamics of growth of the incidence of us promises.

Therefore, coordinating their actions with the leadership of the country, I adopted the following solution.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Sobyanin: In Moscow created COVID-centers

first, despite the fact that we have redeveloped the 25 hospitals, and the same amount planned in the coming days will be converted to additional hospital facilities.

second, hospitals are already involved in this work. But you need to take the next step – to build outpatient centers to combat coronavirus. 40 of polyclinic buildings with the capability of computed tomography go to work in continuous mode for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with coronavirus.

third, today we do daily for 17 thousand tests, we will continue to build on this work.

And fourth. Very important. Temporarily – for a week, with a possible extension is limited or terminated, most of the municipal organisations.

will Continue to work only the enterprises of the continuous cycle and is vital for the functioning of the city, and medical organizations, government bodies, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, telecommunications companies and transport media. However, they should be possible to transfer their employees to remote mode.

a lot of questions about omissions.

access mode of transportation in the city is the inevitable additional restrictions and inconveniences. But when it comes to the health and lives of a huge number of people, there is no choice. Especially when we see that, unfortunately, not all observe restrictions.

next week will gradually enter access mode.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Rakova: In Moscow started regular testing for coronavirus medical and social workers

In the first phase will enter it for commuting. In the second phase for travel for other purposes. And at the third stage – if need be – the movement in the district. The timing of administration of each of the stages, say in addition.

access control system will be of a declarative nature. But city officials reserve the right to verify the accuracy of reported information.

In the coming days and weeks we expect a difficult test. We need patience and courage, and the most responsible attitude to the observance of the established rules and restrictions.

the Only way we can deal with this scourge and save the lives of people close to us.

as soon As the threat of infection will recede, Moscow will immediately begin a return to normal life.

More about the measures adopted today.

From 13 to 19 April 2020, in Moscow, introduced a number additional prohibitions and restrictions.

1. Temporarily suspended the operation of almost all enterprises and organizations except government bodies, healthcare organizations, food and medical industry, manufacturers of personal protective equipment, key enterprises in the defense, aerospace, nuclear industry and critical infrastructure.

of Course, continue to work grocery stores and other retail, which opened today.

you Can continue to work structures that ensure the payment of wages.

All operating companies should reduce the staff present in the workplace. The remaining employees transferred to work remotely or in the mode after hours weeks.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/ RG In Moscow from a coronavirus has already recovered 350

2. Suspends the execution of a construction (repair) work, excluding the construction of medical facilities, as well as works continuous cycle in the construction and maintenance of underground, railway, ground transport and airports.

3. Suspended operation of car sharing. The demand for this service fell by 60%. To observe a mode of disinfection in the car sharing very difficult. So while will have to do without him.

4. Suspends the provision of medical services by organizations and individual entrepreneurs for whom this type of activity is not the primary. To open a beauty even in a limited format still early.

5. Introduced a temporary mode of execution of the city budget, in which preostanovlenais Contracting all procurement, except for emergency.

Source: blog of Sergei Sobyanin on the website