How to behave in conditions of isolation

My wife is nine months pregnant. We have a signed contract with the Center for obstetrics and gynecology named Kulakov, – says Yuri Fedorov. But the fact that “emergency” there will not carries. How can I obtain permission to the wife when the time comes to give birth, to take her there in his own car, and then together with the child to take home?

– permit regime in the capital at present. During the high alert mode operating now in Moscow, to leave the apartment first of all, when applying for emergency medical assistance and with the threat to life and health. This is the case.

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Can I travel by private car in the morning and evening out of the house to bring and take the baby sitter?

– Can. The mayor’s Executive order does not prohibit the movement of vehicles, including personal.

is it Possible to travel to the country from Moscow to the suburbs in his car?

the Boundaries are not closed, restrictions to traffic in the whole Metropolitan area.

– I need subsidised medicines, but the existing prescription has expired. What to do?

– You need to call the doctor to obtain a new prescription and then to call by phone of “hot line” of the complex social development: 8 (495) 870 45 09 to order drugs.

Why still not received the required quarantine payments to my husband Voronov Vladimir Ivanovich? Man, 67 years old and he is an invalid of the third group. All neighbors have received? (Natalia Voronova.) And a similar question from Alexander Denisov: “Two weeks bezvylazno stay at home, but promised 2 thousand roubles and has not received”.

one – time financial aid Vladimir Ivanovich Voronov rendered – listed 3 April, and Alexander Denisov, the money will be sent no later than April 7, – told “RG”.

People at the time of isolation is recommended to avoid close contact with animals. Photo: Gettyimages

are there any plans to introduce a ban on repair work at residential premises at the time of quarantine? The noise from them is very annoying, the situation is precarious.

– Overhaul of housing, started in apartment buildings, will be completed, and the new objects under the decree of the mayor decided not to start. This decision was made in order to improve the situation during the regime of isolation. Adopted amendments to the law of silence and in the suburbs. There is now hands-free operation is possible on weekdays only lead – from 9.00 to 11.00 and from 17.00 to 19.00 and Saturday from 10.00 to 11.00 and from 17.00 to 19.00. Sunday and public holidays noisy work is completely prohibited.

– Can the coronavirus to enter the apartment when ventilating? He lives in the air or only in the human body?

– When ventilating the apartment the new virus can’t get. It is a respiratory virus (the causative agent of SARS). It is transmitted primarily by airborne droplets inhalation of droplets emitted from the respiratory tract of the patient, for example when you cough or sneeze, and droplets of saliva or secretions from the nose. Can spread when a patient touches any contaminated surfaces e.g. door handles – infection occurs by touching the mouth, nose or eyes with dirty hands.

dogs and Cats can be infected with a coronavirus, and through them man?

Medvedev called forced vacation in terms of coronavirus illegal

– According to the world organizationorganisation for animal health office International des Epizooties (OIE), currently there are no confirmed cases of animals, including cats and dogs, virus COVID-19, and the facts of transmission from them to man and Vice versa. And yet people during the regime of self-isolation is recommended to avoid close contact with Pets.

– in a time of isolation to take a pet with a wound, poisoning or vaccinated at the vet? Go to wemagazine for food, drugs against parasites?

– to Visit the vet now possible only in case of emergency after telephone consultation with a veterinary specialist. State clinics work by appointment through the portal in the section “Services” subsection of the “environment and animals” or the mobile application “public Services of Moscow”. With the schedule of their work can be consulted in the process of making appointments.

the vet it is important to observe social distancing from other people not less than 1.5 meters.