For the Russians created a system of duty notary offices

“the Possibility of free movement of lawyers and notaries in the territories of constituent entities of the Russian Federation will provide constitutional guarantee to receive qualified legal aid”, – stressed in the Ministry of justice.

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the Ministry said that the Federal chamber of lawyers and the Federal notary chamber has been taking significant measures to ensure maximum availability of services of notaries and lawyers. For example, according to the recommendations of the Federal chamber of notaries in the regions organized in the mode of “on-duty notary offices”.

“Also, considering the social importance of providing qualified advice for the duration of the restrictive measures, the Federal chamber of notaries initiated the creation of the line legal assistance on matters relating to notarial activities, – reported in the Ministry of justice. – By phone “a hot line” it is possible to quickly obtain clarification of issues of notarial acts, and information and reference material, for example, the operating mode and the address of the nearest duty of the notary office”. Phone “a hot line” Federal notary chamber 8-800-250-01-33.

If in some region will introduce a special procedure for the movement, the lawyers and notaries should be able to walk freely without special passes

the call across Russia free of charge.

the President of the Federal notary chamber Konstantin Korsik in an interview with “WG” noted that notaries comply with all sanitary and epidemiological norms, consider the situation in specific regions, if necessary – tightening mode. For example, taking citizens by appointment.

How to tell the experts, today, citizens often callNhat on the “hot line” of notaries with questions on pledges on movable property, registration of real estate. In General, the legal life does not stop.

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Entrepreneurs interested in the re-registration of LLC shares, the form of appeals to the tax, etc. In his turn, the President of the Federal notary chamber Konstantin Korsik noticed that some notary services help to reduce the movement of citizens.

“At a time when the reception of citizens is limited in a number of state and municipal bodies, notary can have serious assistance with filing documents or their transfer to others, – said Konstantin Korsik. – The notary can translate the document into electronic form, and preserve its legal effect, and send it electronically to the state Agency, or to transfer the document to another person, taking responsibility. Today, this measure is not only popular, but also helps to reduce the movements of citizens.”

Notaries were more likely to detect fraud in the sphere of property relations

In some cases the notary may act as an intermediary for remote solutions for any structure. For example, there is a separate notarial act: transmission of documents specific to physical and legal persons. A notary can send the documents in electronic form for registration of a legal entity in FNS, as well as for changes in the Unified state register of legal entities by Transferring a payment to a Deposit account of a notary, will ensure timely payment of the debt, if the creditor is closed, not working or somehow evades receiving the money and interest go. You can also avoid visiting the Bank to settle the transaction if you use the notary’s Deposit.

“the Notary provides the constitutional guarantees of the rights of citizens to receive qualified legal assistance, – says Konstantin Korsik. – We actually provide the stability of civil turnover, and even in the face of the restrictive measures and the citizens and business there is a need for urgent notarial acts”.