Mishustin: Pandemic coronavirus should pass with minimal losses

Photo: Dmitry Astakhov/RIA Novosti Mishustin said about the lack of shortages of products in stores

We faced a serious threat of the spread of coronavirus. And now the joint coordinated work of critically-needed, – said the head of government. – Have as carefully as possible and with minimal losses to go through this difficult and crucial period, primarily to protect people and economies from the negative consequences.

He thanked the deputies for their support and prompt review package prepared by the government of bills which are directed on realization of presidential initiatives. In the adopted laws contain measures to protect families with children, support for regional budgets and business, increase of responsibility for violation of sanitary norms. Mikhail Mishustin in this regard, said that the new government of the Russian Federation has already formed good working relationships with all factions of the state Duma.

Photo: iStock the Ministry has told who and how can receive payments for children under three years old

Vyacheslav Volodin, for his part, expressed confidence that the state Duma and the government will keep on monitoring issues of concern to citizens in connection with a reduction of economic growth, with the spread of coronavirus infection.

– This direct dialogue is extremely useful, because we see the problems that require attention, – said the speaker. If you think you have them under control, or we will initiate, including legislative solutions in this area.

He explained that talking about proposals that could bs remove the related issues and viral infections, decrease growth, and challenges the world level.

Approved measures to support the most affected by the coronavirus industries