Putin urged not to repeat the mistakes of others in the fight against coronavirus

Rush passed, but we must learn

Vladimir Putin held a video conference from his country residence of Novo-Ogaryovo. Remote meeting invited scientists, professionals, whose opinion is of fundamental importance for the development of solutions to combat coronavirus infection. Among them heads and representatives of major medical and research centers dealing with issues of Virology, treatment and vaccine development, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, presidential aide Maksim Oreshkin, the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, Minister of health of Michael Murashko, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, head of Federal medical-biological Agency Veronika Skvortsova.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Skvortsova has told, when will the recession coronavirus in Russia

“We are closely monitoring the situation, consider positive and negative experience of other countries”, – said Vladimir Putin, marking, the peak of the epidemic has not yet passed and it is crucial to “avoid the mistakes of others, not to learn on their own, to learn lessons and draw conclusions, based on the position of the medical, scientific community.”

“We’re all virologists, in my opinion, the steel, the whole country – virologists,” said the President. But the opinion of true professionals is extremely important because all levels of government base their action is the opinion of those people who have devoted their lives to the challenging and important work.

“All our decisions should be proportionate to the threat and appropriate to the situation. The most important is the safety and health of Russian citizens. It is important to provide conditions for the most rapid recovery economic and business activity”, – said the head of state.

Medvedev called forced vacation in terms of coronavirus illegal

President Vladimir Putin asked the experts the question of how well the government was acting in terms of the organization of the mode of forced days off, is it possible to reduce the number of days when many businesses do not work, does it really make in the near future and what are the forecasts for the near future.

as the most effective measures to break the chain of infection, experts call the regime of restrictions and isolation, stated Vladimir Putin. At the same time to protect people, especially those at risk (and the families of infected people, doctors, nurses, hospitals and clinics, the nurses who aid people and they are confronted with the threat of infection), we need appropriate help and support, he said.

Another issue raised by the President: prospects for the creation of appropriate drugs.

Photo: RIA Novosti the Cabinet is preparing a new package of measures to support people and businesses

“I Know that our relevant agencies in collaboration with scientists, virologists, pharmacists, doctors actively working on the special prevention, including vaccine development, and effective methods of treating coronavirus infection and its complications,” – said the head of state.

Isolation: effect find out next week

the Effect of the isolation is visible through the week, primarily in Moscow, the Director of the Russian research anti-plague Institute “Microbe” Vladimir Kutyrev. Today, a new infection is characterized not as a particularly dangerous, and potentially severe acute respiratory viral infection, he said. And accumulated predtesteniami model absolutely adequate to the situation.

More than 80 percent of infected perevalivaet in the form of light, 15% heavy, 5% in critical, cited statistics Kutyrev. While asymptomatic carriers provide the transmission without clinical manifestations. The incubation period of the infection like the flu, 3-5 days and two weeks. And it largely determines the conduct of anti-epidemic measures.

the most Important is the safety and health of Russian citizens. It is important to provide conditions for the most rapid recovery of economic and business activity

If time does not take restrictive measures in the fight against SARS, they will be distributed, the incidence will rise PicoBlaze, continued the speaker.

Photo: Istock/Arthobbit As volunteers and entrepreneurs to help people move to self-isolation

There are three basic models of epidemics: passive – on the African continent and in some countries, delayed, which is evident in Europe and the USA and ahead of Russia Singapore and several other countries. The stage is of restricted contact – and this is vital to break pidzamochek and peprocess – makes itself known, appreciated it.

the Task industry – to overcome the shortage of protection

the President said he will hold a meeting with heads of the regions where we will focus on the fight against coronavirus infection. Special attention should be paid to the protection of medical personnel, he said.

the Head of state said that two days discussed with the head of the Ministry of industry and trade of what can be done about this. It is clear that the industry did not train specifically for such moments, as now, he added, but the possibilities are many, including acquisition, if necessary, by imports.

“today We have the production with Russian companies nearly 1.6 million medical masks, which can be used in medical institutions”, – said Denis Manturov. Also, now sew gauze masks, which have a registration medical certificate.

Photo: Sergey Nikolaev Epidemiologist told that is afraid of the coronavirus

“somewhere by April 20 we should reach the daily requirement of about 2.1 million units,” – said the Minister. Almost all of the regions by attracting small businesses from different types of nonwoven materials left in a production of almost 2,4 million units per day, he said.

“We bought masks in China, 51 million pieces and put it in the regions. Now just loaded another 21 million masks in Shanghai, the night will already be at the Chkalovsky”, – reported the head of Ministry of industry and trade.

In a large shortage of protective suits. Previously, this volume is not produced, did not exceed 6 thousand. But there is an understanding of how to expand production to 25 thousand. More is not enough. It will also help import from China: in regions supplied nearly 250 thousand units, signed a contract for 1 million 50 thousand pieces. This daily deficit of approximately 300 units (all regions need 800 thousand suits a day, 500 thousand secured).

the Deficit can be closed by another Chinese Corporation, which is not an excluded contract.

a Very scarce position Manturov called ventilators. Managed to get nearly 80 per week for the rest of this should be released almost 90 next week – about 200 pieces. “I want to increase the total volume to 1.5 thousands of a ventilator in a month,” said Manturov. There are problems with components from Europe and the United States. The needs for April-may will be provided at the expense of suppliers from Italy and USA and also from China.

the Ministry of health recommended for the treatment of coronavirus 17 of preparations tos in Russia is produced 14. This set will satisfy the needs of the health system, said Manturov. But here we are working with partners from China substances and finished dosage forms, if you need to increase the volume of supply.

Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images the Head of the Ministry of health rejected the version of the artificial creation of coronavirus

the President noted that in the regions many businesses that you can quickly repurpose. “You said that to the detriment of other sectors of the economy for medical purpose, ready to give the materials, fabrics and so on. But in this case, medicine is not a sector of the economy, there is nothing more important to us than people’s lives. So let’s get to it and will be”, – Putin said.

“Vector” of struggle: it is a test prototype of the vaccine

State research center “Vector” is ready to proceed to phase one clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus in may, if allowed, the Ministry of health, said Director of the center for Rinat Maksyutov.

a Group of volunteers have been recruited, and the number of applicants far exceeds the required minimum. The launched study was more than 30 antiviral drugs in the presence of activity against the coronavirus. Previously obtained positive results for two. Studies are 22 new antiviral drug, they will be completed by April 10. Is testing prototypes of the vaccine on laboratory animals, until 30 April will be determined the most promising.

Photo: Vladimir Anosov/WP a Vaccine against coronavirus will experience at the Sochi monkeys

Until 10 may be worked out the technology of producing finished dosage forms, “will receive a series of vaccines for preclinical studies,” said native. “We propose to conduct preclinical studies of efficacy and safety of vaccines in a minimum volume prior to June 22, with three of the vaccines to get into first phase of clinical trials, on 29 June, a total of 180 volunteers,” he said.

Test system for immunity to coronavirus will be registered on April 10, informed the head of “Vector”, and April 13 will be the first delivery of a series of sets of reagents for 20 thousand definitions to the regions. Test system helps us to understand whether they have human contact with the virus, to assess population immunity and the study of the effectiveness of the developed vaccines. For the investigation of blood from a finger, in two hours you can get result up to 90 people.

the Minister of health of Michael Murashko allowed a reduction in pre-clinical vaccine trials and also said that the legislation amended to allow clinical trials already registered in the Russian Federation drugs. “Therefore, drugs with a known safety profile, efficacy, and explored its mechanism of action can also be used,” he explained. We consider several groups of drugs with direct antiviral activity and have an effect on the immune system.

the President thanked the experts, virologists, and physicians for their professional recommendations for all authorities which allow to make effective decisions, to be able to give advice to citizens “in this difficult but not completely hopeless situation.” “If we act wisely, orderly, and disciplined, we pass this difficult stage in life of the country with minimal losses”, – he concluded.

Officialisation a decree on additional payments to families with children

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on additional measures of social support of families with children. As previously promised by the head of state, payments will be made in April-June on a monthly basis in the amount of 5 thousand rubles for each child under three years of age, having citizenship of the Russian Federation. The disbursement will be “persons residing on the territory of the Russian Federation and having (had) the right to state support measures, provided that such a right has arisen before 1 July 2020”. For purpose of the payment you can apply until 1 October. “The government of the Russian Federation to provide when due hereunder financing of the expenses related to the implementation of this Decree, including the cost of shipping monthly payments, and to determine the procedure and conditions for the payment”, – is spoken in the document text. Implementation of monthly payments should provide a Pension Fund. The decree comes into force from the day of its signing.