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Friday, June 18, 2021
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Auto-lawyer Sergey Radko has commented on the proposal to introduce car signs with a new three-digit codes of the regions
Cases of fraud, where criminals under the guise of employees of Mosgaz offer to the citizens paid services
The picture appeared in seven BAFTA nominations
According to the Deputy from the liberal democratic party, women's labour at home should be supported by financial
Britain's new Ambassador in Moscow Deborah Bronner stressed that the decision themselves Skrobala
The greatest support for initiatives of a social nature
This happened after the suspension of railway communication with China
Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, died in Moscow on 91 year of life
From 3 to 6 February, atmospheric pressure in the capital will be below normal by 10-20 units
Trains will follow from 3 February
The capital Advisory in effect from Sunday evening
At the end of December 2019, for the first time became aware of cases of unknown pneumonia in China
A patient with a diagnosis of "coronavirus" complained about the conditions of detention
Replaced the drizzling rainfall will bring to the capital of sleet, and then the February rain
The largest population decline noted in the Saratov region, for the 12 months, the population of the region decreased by 19 thousand people
From December 2019, the wedding Palace №1 began to work around the clock
The visa fee will be increased to 80 euros
The producer of the singer Margarita Sokolova said that the deterioration in the health of Maksim associated with injuries after an accident received in the accident in 2019
The doctor noted that the modern gadgets have features such as measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar levels, measuring sleep phases, steps
Expected cold, but the temperature for the first time in the winter will be close to climate norm
Will blow South winds of 5-10 meters per second
Capstraw of the capital with a large margin is all drugs
At Vnukovo airport had two flight and one delayed
In his opinion, this will correspond to the beliefs of most Russians
Such an order was received from the government of the Russian Federation
The document submitted to the relevant Committee for education and science
Initially it was assumed that the first flights can be arranged on 1 February
The organization noted that coronaviruses do not live that long
Passengers are encouraged not to go to China unless absolutely necessary
Staff will issue the electronic equivalent of an extract from the work book
According to some, the pressure on the woman was to the incident at the airport
In Moscow presented a program of educational sessions in clinics
According to the representative of Rospotrebnadzor, he is on the mend
Earlier Sergey Aksenov explained the motives for the dismissal of officials in Kerch
The mask prevents the entry of viruses in the healthy human body
This decision was taken at a meeting of the Operational headquarters
Vnukovo suffered four flights and canceled five
Traffic police checks in respect of acts of the citizen
The company is ready to provide Russian authorities with the necessary information
The law "On consumer basket" suggests the decline of the subsistence minimum
An opinion shared by the head of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov
The new bill of the state Duma assumes that retail will follow more strict rules

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