The Russian government has adjusted the most affected by the COVID-19 branches

Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexey Sukhorukov

the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin signed the decree according to which the list of victims COVID-19 sectors expanding. About it reports Agency “Moscow”.

“Signed a decree amended the list of industries of the Russian economy most affected by the spread of the new coronavirus infection”, – stated in the document.

Specifies that the section “Culture, leisure and entertainment,” added cinema and a new section “activities in the field of health” added to the item on dental care.

Earlier in the list included nine sectors of the economy. These include passenger and cargo transportation, hotel and tourist business, as well as a number of service industries.

In Moscow on 1 April approved the second package of anti-crisis measures of support of business. In particular, expanding the access of small and medium enterprises to obtain loans and subsidies.

All business will receive support in 25 billion roubles from the Moscow government. City assistance will be available for owners of commercial real estate. For this, they need to lower rental rates at least twice, then the support will amount to 8.6 billion rubles in the quarter.

prior To may 1, the city has a moratorium on business inspections. Deputy mayor for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov said that in exceptional cases an unscheduled inspection of the possible, to avoid threats to the life and health of citizens.

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