Church service in Moscow will be held without a congregation

In recent weeks, the capital city and Moscow oblast visited a malicious craze, ruining the health and claiming the lives of people. Doctors undertaking many of the efforts to defeat the disease, have stressed that the main measure against its spread, and, as a consequence, death or serious consequences to the health of many people is the “social isolation” that is ever present stay in their homes and apartments.

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the letter States that in these circumstances, in caring for the lives and health of people, his Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill with a heavy heart urged Orthodox Christians fulfilling the requirements of sanitary authorities, to refrain from visiting the temples and stay in their homes, making home prayer and participating in worship services with their broadcasts.

health authorities have reported that in the Moscow region the situation with the spread of the coronavirus continues to deteriorate. According to April 10, the increase in the number of cases is 17 percent, and in total ill almost ten thousand people. Further, such dynamics may, according to doctors, to lead to disastrous consequences.

by the Office of the Moscow Patriarchate in Moscow was today received the order of the chief state sanitary physician for the city of Moscow E. E. Andreeva, includes the following requirement:

“1. Make the decision on the introduction from 13 April 2020 19 April 2020 with possible further extension of the deadline in view of the emerging epidemiological situation of additional sanitary and anti-epidemic measures, which should:

1.1. to take measures to prevent the holding of mass events with a large number of people;

1.2. provide temporary suspension of visits by citizens of territories, buildings, structures, constructions (apartments) owned and (or) under Management of the Moscow Patriarchate in Moscow, with the exception of the clergy, and persons whose presence is necessary for fulfilment of divine services and operation of religious buildings, as well as to conduct online broadcasts of Church services”.

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev / TASS Patriarch Kirill delivered a sermon about the coronavirus

According to the blessing of the Patriarch, the order of the chief state sanitary doctor need to perform, and the set of terms “to conduct services only with the involvement of the clergy of the temple, as well as employees and volunteers, whose presence is necessary”. Ordered must submit this report on behalf of petrarcha.

Parishioners will be notified about it after the Liturgy on the feast of the Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem (palm Sunday), and they should be comforted “fatherly word.”

Extract from the prescriptions of chief state sanitary inspector for the city of Moscow needs to be placed on the doors of temples and the input gates or the gates of the temple grounds.

Everyone who has to stay home, the clergy will call to prayer, echoing the Patriarchal broadcasting Church services on TV “Saved” and “Union” and the streams of the parish and monastic liturgies, or using published on the official website of the Russian Orthodox Church successor for home worship. These following is recommended to place on parish resources. Recommendations for blessing Easter prayer will be publishedkovani later.

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“And now are experiencing a difficult time, when all of us – bishops, priests, deacons, monastics, and laity – are deprived of the opportunity to be together in churches for passionate and Easter worship services we need to strengthen prayer, taking this terrible test, as the path to greater faithfulness to God and love to one another,” – said in a circular letter.

And the congregation it is important to clarify that “temporary restrictions on staying in the temple does not Rob them of opportunities to learn day by day to the great events of the Passion and Resurrection of our Lord through reading the Scriptures, participation in worship during their broadcast and through home reading a liturgical succession.

At the end of the letter, the Metropolitan of Dionysis gave all the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch and the desire for courage and strength in prayer, “with the hope to see you soon the Passover of the Lord, joy which is above all temporal afflictions”.