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The peak of the cold snap in the capital will have for the weekend
In nature these animals live in the rainforests and savannas of Latin America
The opinion of a lawyer on the case of cruel beating of a child
The changes affected more than 25 departures
The forensic investigation was held in Vladikavkaz
This was stated by the developer of the technology
Passengers are escorted by doctors and staff of the Ministry of defense
Total metro employees were found more than 1.2 thousand things left
About it informs the press service of the defense Ministry
Experts said that the residents of the Russian Federation no "European gene", which developed among residents of European countries over a period of years of passion for wine
A curious situation occurred at the meeting of the Russian leader with members of the public in Cherepovets
We also know of cases of recovery to overcome the disease managed to 680 people
The athlete says that an employee of the Department injured himself
"He could beat, to scold". Muscovite – about mocks stepson husband
They are staffed with members of the interagency group on the site of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation
This was stated by the Director of the Department of pandemic and endemic diseases in the who's Sylvie Briand
At the end of the year the number of Muscovites who are regularly engaged in physical culture and sport, has reached 4.75 million people
Member mgek believes that society needs to accept the fact that "no more such winters as before"
Final exams in 2020 will be held in three stages
The specialist explained that to drink a glass of wine with dinner it is customary in Europe
Under the influence of the spread of a new type of coronavirus, the demand for international aviation market fell sharply
The proportion of deaths in China from the effects of the novel coronavirus is 2.1%
To transport through the customs border of the EAEU amounts over $ 100 thousand dollars, you need to provide additional documents
This measure is aimed at the protection of citizens from tobacco smoke
A retrospective is timed to memorable date: February 16, marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Director
Submission of applications for marriage registration in the festival is open until may 12
The draft Code includes 1666 compositions of administrative offences
We are talking about people who had contact with sick
Experts Roskoshestvo allocated among them three main
The thermometer in the middle of the day can fall to the level of 5 degrees below zero
Relevant document published on the website of the Cabinet
The event, scheduled on the night of 4 February
This is due to the lack of registration of such weapons
The corresponding data are taken from the rating Bloomberg Billionaires Index
The suspension of flights was made due to the outbreak of coronavirus
The court case against the stepfather and mother of the child lasts from December last year
Flights discontinued to/from Beijing and Shanghai
Currently, the investigators find out circumstances of death of the student
This was stated by the head of the health Department of the capital Alexei Khripun
Guests are invited to make Christmas cards and listen to music in good company
She said that now the Russian specialists receive information from other available sources and continue to work on a vaccine
According to some, thus the athlete wants to earn a trip to the Paralympics in Tokyo
This year the festival "Journey to Christmas" was a record for duration, number of visitors and number of sites
Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that all proposals consider the working group
In TMS urge motorists to observe the speed limit
The three-storey building of the Park will have panoramic Windows and a roofed gallery around the perimeter, decorated with thin columns

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