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Younger students training on the Internet is given a difficult to a computer until they own bad. Therefore, in Nenets Autonomous Okrug decided to transplant them from laptops to TVs. TV tutorials are practicing in other regions
Rescue groups in kindergartens is increasing. In the regions, increase the virus for some enterprises and industries. But there is a group where only two of the baby. What to do for a mom working third shift
Insulation with a bored child in the same apartment - quest is not easy. If parents need to work, it becomes a battle for survival. What to do with the child, shares the experience of the correspondent "RG"
Permitted by law on maternity capital, the purposes for which it can be directed, not satisfied with nearly half of young families. In this case, every third mother would like to receive the amount receivable in cash. To such conclusions experts gave the results of the survey of parents
Vladimir Putin proposed to accrue payments for children from three to seven years, excluding revenues previously received at the place of work. "On the basis of previous inquiries, and from the present actual situation and problems of specific families," said the President
Vladimir Putin suggested that in the next three months in addition to pay three thousand rubles per month for each minor child to those parents who become unemployed. About the initiative of the head of state said at a meeting with heads of regions
During a pandemic coronavirus families with children will be able to count on new measures of state support. In the state Duma explained the cases in which Russians relate to approved by the President of the measures and how to act to receive the payment
The Russians have a number of questions arise about the regulation of family relationships in the period of self-isolation. Lawyer Asiya mukhamedshina told "RG" on how you can punish a domestic tyrant and should I wait for the surge of divorces
The Ministry of education has set a goal to finish the school year and to make summer a student had to learn. But everything will depend on the situation with COVID-19. This was stated by Deputy Minister of education Dmitry Glushko
Experts from the National parent Association has published a set of helpful tips for moms and dads on how to counter the negative impact of the Internet on child
Self-isolation is a challenge. When the family is always at home, to quarrel in the neighborhood. How not to be afraid of bad news, coping with stress, fear of job loss? "RG" asked the psychologist Natalia Druzhinin
Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow recommends that parents not to play with the kids on the playgrounds, in parks and yards. It is noted that whenever possible it is necessary to limit contact with children, they should stay home.
In Moscow there was a perinatal palliative care program to support families who are waiting for the birth of a terminally ill child. Previously, such parents immediately issued direction on termination of pregnancy for medical reasons, and now they have a choice
In a virtual world for kids dangers almost more than offline. And when schoolchildren are on vacation now, and inevitably "crash" in the networks at times longer than before, it is extremely important for parents to know, "what are they doing"
The garbage was a big problem for the correspondent "RG" that is quarantined by the coronavirus. If not relatives and friends, would not have helped even ecoconception Zero waste. But not everyone is so lucky
In reference Nizhny Novgorod children's policlinic correspondent "RG" reported that all the doctors working normally, vaccinations are on schedule. However, the rules of the game are changing before our eyes. It is necessary to follow
The quarantine violated the way of life of tens of thousands of Russians has generated a lot of questions. Who during the General isolation will sit with the child if the mother a doctor, dad is a taxi driver, and how to survive if you're a single mother, meets the children's Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova
Isolation with children is a great challenge. Especially with students. Many families have to buy computers, parents - to develop special programs. And prepare with the children for exams
In the Krasnodar region almost 15 years after the conviction of his son's mother have achieved sentence cancellation. Her character is convinced that to see the light at the end of the tunnel helped her "RG, who, as she said herself, Olga Golubyatnikova, "the guiding star in the long struggle for the truth"
The Ministry of education has developed a unified portal for the support of parents. To consult on issues of education and training of children in 163 regions. Taking into account the epidemiological situation, the centers expanded opportunities for remote work
In many regions of the close spring shifts in summer camps. Their resources for free, opened training centers, libraries, museums, the center of "Sirius". Now the issue of a refund
Poor families with children aged three to seven years will receive a monthly payment, which will amount to half of the minimum subsistence level for a child. The corresponding decree was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin
"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published an essay Elena Pavlova from the newspaper "Amurskaya Pravda" - the information partner "RG". This is the story of 90-year-old Yakov Yakovlevich Davydenko awarded with seven orders and medals. The last four years, he huddles in winter the kitchen in anticipation of the renovation of the house
From March 21 across the country, students will stay home on unscheduled holidays, or distance learning. A few of these weeks are a great opportunity for busy adults to spend time with children and teach them something useful. "RG" has prepared a selection of useful online services
MOE is preparing a decree on implementation of activities in terms of the spread of coronavirus infection. Among other things, the staff will intensify preventive work in the period of remote training of children at home and during vacations
The state Duma adopted the second reading of the bill to make it easier for low-income families with children receiving social protection measures. Speech on the introduction of monthly payments for children aged three to seven years
Russians will be able to receive child allowance from 3 to 7 years without any reference. About this informed the head of Ministry of labor of the Russian Federation Anton Kotkov. The allowance will be paid starting from 1 July this year
In Russia already there are hundreds of thousands of smart speakers with voice assistant "Alice". Moms and dads often introduce her children - the neural network has learned to solve riddles, play "edible - inedible". And on the days she has a new skill: the children's online simulator for the development of speech
Vladimir Putin will soon sign a decree that will simplify the receipt of benefits for children. "We hope that all technical procedures are the least burdensome," the President said at a public meeting in Ivanovo
In 1932 Yevgeny Zamyatin wrote: "emigration - two of the most popular author in the first place Elena molokhovets, the second Pushkin". If the author of a cookbook has 29 titles with a total circulation of nearly 300 thousand copies. By the early twentieth century the book had already 4500 recipes
The theme of surrogate motherhood raises a lot of controversy. The head of the world Congress of Families Brian brown told how things are going with the surrogacy in the United States, as well as representatives of religious communities refer to this method of having children in the family
Debates about the ethics of surrogacy there are often, however, doctors believe that if there's a chance to give a woman the joy of motherhood, it is necessary to use it. Questions about IVF specifically for the "RG" said the chief of Department of National MITS of endocrinology, Ministry of health, MD Irina Vityazev
Authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova believes that Russia needs a special program to provide medicines for patients with rare diseases. Commissioners, according to Kuznetsova, will consistently seek appropriate action
In Russia proposed to create a state Fund for the payment of alimony to children whose fathers hoard debt. The experts agree that it should be accompanied by tougher measures against defaulters, and understanding that the issue of payments it is necessary to agree
Primary schools provide healthy hot meals due to budget. "RG" publishes the law which requires to feed the children from 1st to 4 th grade at least once during the school day
In Moscow has opened at once three unusual children's garden. They are all for kids allergic to dairy products. Here at kids specmenu in which there is no milk, cheese, butter, cottage cheese and curd desserts. Then what's the food boys and girls, found out the correspondent "RG"
Vladimir Putin became one of the first guests of the theme Park "dream Island" in Moscow. The head of state visited him together with the mayor of capital Sergey Sobjanin. During the tour the President spoke to the children
As shown by the online survey, many men find it difficult to cope with anger and stress. Yes and domestic violence are not walked by their side. To help them, in the Urals opened a special crisis center
In many regions, the path from home to school daily resembles a dangerous quest. On the "hot line", "RG", together with experts from onf understand why this is happening and how to bring order
Orphans will be able to get on the housing certificate about 1.5 million rubles. This is stated in the bill of the Ministry of education. The document also introduces the obligation of orphans to inform the authorities of their actual location

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