As for isolation, to keep love and strong nerves

How not to panic and not to quarrel with family? Correspondent “RG” asked this question a child family psychologist, the senior teacher of chair of pedagogy and psychology, Astrakhan state medical University Natalia Druzhinina.

Natalia, and you have, what kind of mood?

Druzhinina: what could he be?

Now all concerned about the situation with the spread of the virus, not everyone likes the isolation…

Druzhinina: And I’m scared. But the measures of protection against coronavirus is known, just need to follow them. Another question – are we afraid of loneliness. Not everyone is willing to be with yourself for a long time.

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Because then in my mind thought about himself, about his life, and if I live, and if so, whether all correctly I do? Earlier we were distracted from such thoughts by trips to work, trips and meetings with friends. And now I have to answer these questions to yourself.

And how to keep balance?

Druzhinina: Remember that love that is valuable and interesting to myself. We all had a passion before he began to work: drawing, embroidering, reading. In isolation it is important to go into such things that can emotionally fill: to watch an old movie, get the album with family photos, call friends who have not communicated.

how to explain to the children that we are now not going to the store for a toy?

Druzhinina: to say that there is such a virus, it can be sick. And that it does not happen all of us: mom, dad, grandma and grandpa – yourself sewneat. Go to the shop just for groceries, wash hands with soap and water, antiseptic wipe door handles. Children from the age of three all to explain.

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And, if the child is younger, to take responsibility for his hygiene himself. For example, my two year old grandson is always grabbing the pack when I come out of the store. So once on the ground I wipe down with antiseptic hands and bag. And in any case it is not necessary to frighten the child and shout: “do Not touch, first I’ll wash!”.

When the whole family is constantly house and to quarrel in the neighborhood.

Druzhinina: the fact that, perhaps, we have forgotten how to communicate and be tolerant of each other. In a hurry, run make all to “automatic”. And communication was somehow symbolic: and brought the money, paid the rent, checked out the lessons, and… sat down on the couch with the phone. Besides that, nothing.

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I often ask parents who come to me for advice: what do you do together? This issue baffled. What I can play with the child if he was 15? But before we had bingo, dominoes, battleship, chess, people crossword puzzles the whole family worked. And now this home together is almost gone.

what to do to those at home, for example, as child or elderly mother at this time, distract?

Druzhinina: But can itth family to spend time with a loved one? It seems that it is the deficit. There’s this illusion among the people: I work and make money, that’s my concern. But the concern is not that. And to be together.

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If mom’s at work and then the baby finally sees her home, realizes that she’s not going anywhere. And asks to play. Therefore, we must clearly delineate this time only mine, and in the evening I’m free. Then we can read or something else to do together. And at this time the mother prepares lunch and not answering his phone.

But now, many fear losing their jobs, to stay without food…

Druzhinina: I also, for example, now think about it, than to pay the rent of our psychological center. Plan to speak with the owner of the premises not to take payment for the period of forced vacation. If that doesn’t work, come up with something else. There is always a solution.

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I don’t understand, for example, the hype with the products. Why all buy? Can you really count how much food you need for a specific period. And as to the money: calculate the minimum and maximum of your expenses for a month and recalculate average value. It will be the correct amount, your financial cushion.

the Epidemic will end sooner or later, cropped it in China. And then, every crisis is an opportunity to change something.

people now fall flows andof information all on one and the same subject. How can we keep a positive attitude?

Druzhinina: why all to read? Define for yourself several official sources to know about the symptoms of the virus, how to protect themselves, and what measures the President and the government. And define a specific time when you come to be aware of the situation. That’s enough.