What are the difficulties that the owners of the parent capital

Among the respondents, only 19.5 percent have already taken this measure of state support. Nearly half – 47.6 percent – said that they are not satisfied with the list of purposes the purposes for which it is possible to spend the money. At the same time every twentieth Respondent did not even know about what is allowed to spend the maternity capital.

it Turned out that there is a big request for an opportunity to pay the parent capital housing repairs, purchase of car, treatment for adults and children. In addition, many at the expense of the certificate would like to purchase furniture and major appliances, or to ensure that current needs of the children.

How the law works on the expansion of the program of the parent capital

“the Survey showed that enshrined in law the measures of social support of families with children, should be expanded so that maternity capital could provide all the really important needs of a young family, explained the results the head of ANO “Center for legal support “Mother in law” Elena grin. – Moreover, today, talking about it is not only public organisations but also public authorities. For example, the Ministry of industry and trade has proposed to introduce the ability for young families to use the maternity capital for the purchase of the car.”

With the order the parent capital arises and the legal issues due to insufficiently clear wording in the law, said grin. She cited the example of the paragraph about “improving living conditions”. If the family wants to pay the parent capital repair of already built homes, connected to utilities, it is not always the local branch of the Pension Fund approve such schemes, believing under the “improvement” only an increase in the number of square meters, rather than improving the quality of existing ones.

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“Today, some popular options for using maternity capital remain unknown to the citizens, and not perceived by the officials due to a too-generalized statements of Federal law, and if the family does decide to spend the required funds to repair and improve living conditions in the current place of residence, it is likely to face paperwork from the authorities,” continued Elena grin.

because Of this, many families are tempted to cash provided by state funds so I can spend it on what you really need. Go for it under certain conditions ready 32.4 percent of respondents. And another 4.1 percent expressed quite firm intention to do so. Almost half of the families know that there are such opportunities and even know where to go for such services.