In kindergartens were returning preschoolers

opened in late March, when the Samara region introduced a state of isolation. To give them their children had benefited from the emergency personnel, some companies and officials who continue to come to work. Then most of the requests came from parents from Samara and Togliatti. Last week, the number of such groups increased when the restrictions were lifted in isolation for some enterprises and industries. In the biggest preschool in the region – the kindergarten №200 in Togliatti has several rescue groups. Where I went.

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov/RIA Novosti what was the impact of quarantine on the children in family learning

Monday, April 13, in “the Magic slipper” will be 87 children. A week ago to duty teachers resulted in only 18 children. Although the quarantine of several buildings was taken every morning before 1670 pre-school children. This garden is mostly visited by kids of employees of “AVTOVAZ” and the local major chemical companies.

Coronavirus has made to the operation mode adjustments. The housekeeper did not wait when pharmacies begin again to sell scarce mask, and sewed them. All duty teachers, nurses and workers of catering and Laundry could change them every two hours.

the Children quickly got used to his favorite teacher – Anna Nikolaevna in the mask. After all, her eyes still smiling. Anna Molina says that any discomfort from the regime of self-isolation, neither she nor the kids in the group do not. All without fear of freeze for a few seconds to the morning and afternoon to enable the nurse to measure the temperature noncontact thermometer.

“RG” figured out how to Togliatti work duty groups in kindergartens

bringing the kids parents also understand this procedure. They are one hundredcleared, like children, keep your distance. It’s like the game – who the dash will come! All markings on the floor. Parents are very happy that the garden is open. Right here and extra vitamins in the diet of introduced and walks are canceled. Child there better than at home in four walls.

the Group of Anna Nikolaevna – combined. Last week it was one baby and five children aged 4 to 5 years. In the locker room before heading out the correspondent “RG” watching this scene: all the older girls help a newbie kindergartner pants. So that the kid in the new company were the “younger brother”, because he has five “nurses”.

Every day, the head of Natalya Krasnova and her staff call the parents, interview on Skype and watsup someone tomorrow to wait in the garden. “I really hope that soon we will begin to work as normal, she says. – Our parents are from Wednesday needs to slowly return to production, so we are looking forward to children. Parents can not worry about all the security measures we adhere to”.

Photo: Victor Vasenin/RG unemployed parents will receive 3000 rubles for each child

Kids, even mom and dad have already taught the correct hand washing technique. In the kindergarten organized a flashmob “My hands”. And put this funny and touching clip on the website of the kindergarten. “Sure, together we will defeat the virus”, – said Natalia Krasnov.

In “the Magic slipper” one of the rescue groups have already started to work up to 21 hours. Yet there are only two kids whose parents went to work third shift. But educators are no strangers to stress. Importantly, in the garden, still hear the laughter of children. And factories are working.

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