Ministry of education: Do everything that the students did not study in summer

– Everything will depend on how the situation will develop with the advancement of the infection, he said. We strive to make summer did not have to study. To create technical conditions to enable people to obtain educational content, complete the training and in the summer to relax with their families.

Photo: iStock Survey: teachers became more work “on remote”

According to him, many schools have made the first attempt to switch to the distance learning format. The decree, which was issued in connection with yesterday’s address of the President, not directly limits the operation of educational organizations. Therefore, all the subjects of the Russian Federation today has the right to decide how to organize the educational process in the framework of the measures taken in the region.

– We switch to home schooling, in distance format with the use of online technologies. In recent weeks much work was carried out in preparation for distance learning so that the teacher could transmit high-quality content to the students, – said Glushko. – Is working, and teachers were provided with gadgets to enable them to organize from home doing lessons. It’s hard, it’s a real big challenge for teachers.

Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti In the onf proposed to simplify the re-sit exam in the year 2020

What will happen with the exam and the OGE? Until that time never moved. Assignments will not be simplified. According to the plans, the exam will start on 8 June. MSE – ninth. Now the Ministry is developing regulations that will help ensure the practice and examinations for the students of colleges and technical schools.

What will happen to salaries and leave of teachers? Dmitry Glushko said: home away from home will not disappear, wages do not change. But teachers need first to deliver educational material to carry the load and only after that to be in legal holiday.