How the withdrawal will affect family relationships

In your opinion, should we wait for now is a surge in divorce?

Assiya mukhamedshina: To date, statements about the divorce proceedings in the Registrar’s office will not be accepted. So right now – no. And what will happen upon termination of the restrictive measures, see. Enforced isolation is conducive for the cohesion of some families, many are discovering common interests that previously did not have enough time and thus become closer. However, most people’s housing conditions, namely a small area can not accommodate at the same time all together in the apartment, there is no possibility of privacy of people, which strengthens the negative atmosphere in the house. In this connection sociologists and psychologists have concerns about the increasing statistics of divorce and the level of domestic violence in the period of forced isolation.

What to do to the woman who is a victim of family violence?

Assiya mukhamedshina: the Fact that many organizations today forced to suspend its work, does not mean that a woman who is a victim of domestic violence, was left alone with his problem and “tormentor”. Yes, while human rights advocates and crisis centers are unable to receive victims in the centers of shelters. But they try to provide psychological support and phone support.

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Telephone hot lines, crisis centers working around the clock, his room is possible without difficulty to see in search program on the Internet. The victim can seek help at any time. Also recommend women who suffered from a violent spouse or was a threat to the life and health of her or her children immediately contact the police.

in the present circumstances can the police do?

Assiya mukhamedshina: is Almost the same as in normal conditions.


Assiya mukhamedshina. Yes, I understand you: now the main task of the police is to control the execution of quarantine measures and discharge protocols. There is more work, but the staff is small, and the legislation in relation to victims of domestic violence are not fully developed. Moreover, in the period of validity of restrictive measures, hearings are carried out only for urgent cases. But the cases on administrative offences are now being considered. And the article “Beating” is in the code.

by the Way, the transfer of the article “Beating” in the administrative code has significantly simplified the punishment of domestic tyrants for the assault.

Assiya mukhamedshina: In the Criminal code is article 115 “Deliberate causing of a little harm to health”, in fact it is the same battery, only leave light injury. The article “the Beating” of the administrative code punishes assault and battery, not causing harm, let’s say, a slap, or slap.

How to distinguish, when the beatings fall under the Cao, and when under article 115 of the criminal code?

Assiya mukhamedshina: were or not suffered light injury is determined through medical examination. But a clear distinction is not, and often rowdy home or can be punished under the administrative code, or convicted under the Criminal code. For example, if the victim had a small bruise, it can be regarded as light injury and, consequently, brought under the criminal code. However, it is easier to punish Cao.


Assiya mukhamedshina: Article 115 of the criminal code refers to cases of private prosecution. This means that the victim must go to court. In the current circumstances, she would have gathered the document and written statement to send them to the court by mail or via the Internet. The matter would not have considered it urgent, and therefore the court would have started to plan for it to be considered only after the lifting of restrictive measures.

If the article “the Beating” have not been in due time transferred to the administrative code, then it would have acted in exactly this order, and during the current restrictive measures, it would not apply. So the police would not be even legal leverage in situations where we are not talking about have committed a serious crime. Due to the fact that the beatings imposed administrative punishment, the police can respond promptly. Again, consideration of cases on administrative offenses courts are not suspended.

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How can you punish a domestic tyrant?

Assiya mukhamedshina: the Article provides for a fine of from 5 to 30 thousand rubles, or compulsory work or administrative arrest. But the execution of compulsory work is now suspended. In practice, the courts often administered for beating a fine. If the case is serious, the woman can ask the court to arrest the offender for 15 days. Perhaps in the present circumstances the court will listen to these arguments, realizing that to lock in one apartment of warring people.

But in order to avoid precedents of court cases all people need now to be alert and solidarity, to be particularly attentive to the neighbors. In the case of a suspicious situation call in the relevant services.

Family problems are not limited only to the topic of domestic violence. Today, many need social support.

Assiya mukhamedshina: the state provided a lot of support families introduced incentives in the housing sector: if the family already has the right to them, the level of income in the six months to confirm will not need to. For three months (April, may and June) families who are entitled to maternity capital, will receive additional payments. They will be 5 thousand rubles monthly for each child up to three years.

This support is particularly important for families where children are not attending nursery school or kindergarten, for parents who are on sick leave or on leave to care for a child. The President also instructed the government to speed up work on the organization of payments to poor families with children from three to seven years. Provisions already exist, then decisions will be made depending on the situation. And, of course, most important in this situation to be more loyal and tolerant to each other. Protect yourself and your loved ones.