Scientists don’t know what to do with it. At a part sick with coronavirus worldwide some symptoms remain even after a seemingly complete recovery. “Damn strange symptoms,” he described this as Professor of the Liverpool school of tropical medicine Paul garner. He had been ill himself and was the first to describe this phenomenon. According to the researchers, similar, not similar on what the condition is observed in approximately every 20th undergoing COVID-19. Including me.

Honestly, I thought I was such a one. You have no idea how relieved I am, reading the study by Professor Paul garner.

8.5 weeks. That’s how much time I’m living with a coronavirus. From a medical point of view, I moved the infection easily enough – was not on a ventilator, with normal saturation, filling the body with oxygen, and even the final defeat of the lungs CT-1 is less than 25% on the background of many tragic stories seem quite a trifle.

However, I continue to feel that with me something not so, even after two months after onset of illness.

“Maybe you cheat yourself?” – mildly interested relatives, when in response to another standby: “How do you feel?” instead of the long-awaited “All right,” they every day hear angrily: “Nothing.”

the Swing. Well today. Tomorrow bad. It is full of energy, I can’t get out of bed. An hour ago the temperature 36.4 suddenly jumps to 37.1. One night can’t sleep from coughing. And the next he disappears as if it never existed.

It’s never like the flu. It is generally not like that.

As if in some science fiction novel, virus-stranger crept into all systems of the body and rebuilds, modifies, debugs them for yourself, to suit your needs.

Wake up from the nasty stretching of the muscle pain that per night moves throughout the body: first hands hurt, then neck, left half, right scapula, right and left, and… back. The pain stays in one of the limbs down and again begins his Pacific journey.

“I Feel like a transformer, writes the Muscovite Elena also having strange symptoms after recovery. – Like parts are the same, but the feeling that the body as a whole now lives on the other, is not known to this rules. And suddenly this virus will remain inside us forever? Well, like herpes, for example. Once ingested, it sits there, screwing up our DNA and does not manifesting itself in the analysis”.

And I also don’t know what of the remaining “I” and what is “it”.

It’s not like the recovery, rather, on short-term remission. Because there are days when I have absolutely nothing hurts. But I don’t have time to get used to this and rejoice.

Twitch when early morning a friend in misfortune is sending the usual SMS: “Well, how the sense of smell?” And that he night be? What a month ago was perceived funny joke: and now let’s paronychium, now angry: kebabs (specially bought) is no smell, the ammonia immediately gives in the head, alcohol is like water – the spirits – if only to splash in a nose much.

the Most pronounced aroma unrestrained chlorination, it is almost a daily wash floors neighbors, the building has 5 or 6 cases that I know of, one fatal.

Professor garner, the first described is atypical for COVID-19, suggested that his illness, like many others, will be held after 14 days.

Instead, the symptoms over and over again is also returned. In total garner as much as 7 weeks is like “riding on a roller coaster of poor health, emotional extremes and extreme fatigue,” as he wrote about it in his blog for the British Medical Journal. It was a frightening experience.

He almost every day – “just like the advent calendar” – opened up new signs: from arthritis to tinita. Whenever he’d get better, the disease had returned.

garner started looking for like-minded people: “I found participating in marathons, describes in his publication the scientist. She’s on the second week of illness tried to run 8 miles, and then came down with the chills and slept for the whole day”.

After its publication, Gardner says, he received many letters and phone calls from grateful readers who thought I was crazy, since no one openly no longer describes this. “I’m a public person, so this is understandable. Before the virus, it clearly raises many of the immunological changes in the body, a lot of strange pathologies that we do not yet understand.”

According to the latest survey, about one in 20 cases COVID-19 very long suffering as well as Professor garner – “mode on-off”. It is not clear how long this can continue. The Professor himself considers that the best way to draw a parallel with dengue fever, which he at the time had been ill. “Dengue comes and goes. Like driving with the handbrake not removed within 6-9 months.”

already Identified 15 different types of symptoms and the overall pattern of periodic improvement and deterioration of health. “I learned about hundreds of diseases, and kovid – the weirdest thing I’ve seen in my entire medical career,” – says Tim Spector, Professor at king’s College London, who heads a group of researchers.

the Scientific explanation of what is happening, why some things are almost asymptomatic, while in others the disease is delayed, yet. Possible cause – the overvoltage of the immune system and the consequent long reaction. In any case, the relapse is possible.

My fellow ��escasty gather in groups, trying to somehow support each other and understand how to deal with it. However, it is not in Russia. We have a respect to such as I a special way: “there is Nothing to moan, to have survived and be glad.”

Survived – what’s next?

Yesterday I read that the coronavirus as the seasonal flu may come back every year again and again…

Please, not this, this I just can’t.

Prayers of the last days: let them exist! Antibodies!

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