South Ural state University first among Russian universities have developed internal rules, and in fact is the standard of distance learning. To this end, the University has accumulated the experience, used the advanced world and Russian development. The result is a built system that is optimized to work in distance. Students receive the full amount of knowledge in accordance with the working programs of the disciplines placed on electronic portal to be accessed by students and teachers. It is here that their meeting in the target course. A videoconference of the forum allows the teacher to “dashboard” to communicate with each student during the couple’s schedule.

the Portal of “E-SUSU” has become a reliable resource that helps the teacher and student. To be successful the portal has all the necessary theoretical material, algorithms to solve problems, practice tests and reference materials. The student may personally “attend” online lectures from the comfort of home, or see it in writing.

the Regulations were developed by the working group under the leadership of the rector and became the statutory document. Approaching session – a tough test in the conditions of self-isolation. The University is ready for the intermediate assessment of students in distance learning format. Developed a procedure to conduct interim assessment with the use of e-learning, distance educational technologies in the system of “E-SUSU”.

– a session in online mode for us a solvable problem. SUSU implemented a point rating system, in which the final assessment is calculated on the basis of performing a number of intermediate tasks. A University is a system of proctoring – process monitoring and control for remote test. The specialists were tasked to identify and record the progress of the verification tests. In the end, the regulations developed for the interim certification in the use of e-learning, distance educational technologies. The document describes all the tools and steps of the teacher during the test or exam, defence of the project practice report. The University has all the resources to continue to work remotely if the need arises, commented the rector of South Ural state University, doctor of technical Sciences Alexander Shestakov.

In the South Ural state University to readjust the system on the remote the format was fast enough. Yes, and it could hardly be otherwise in the University that innovates and possesses two of the most powerful in the Urals Federal district supercomputers, and where the digital environment – prioricetee direction of development. SUSU focused on the development of breakthrough areas of research, integrating computer science, engineering, Humanities, economic Sciences and others, due to the active implementation in the industry of the Internet of things, and aimed at addressing global challenges together with leading industrial partners. For these purposes, created a strategic academic unit (SAE), “Smart industry” and “Smart education”.

Here is what about this SUSU rector Alexander Shestakov:

“Smart industry” is impossible without the use of digital technology, introducing innovative production, using the methods of Big Data (mining big data) to process information coming from sensor networks. Today, the leading industrial corporations in the world are already applying them to operational monitoring and collecting information about the state of technological equipment and production processes.

Enterprises of Russia in conditions of global competition require innovative and unique solutions to fully realize their potential. Offer them maybe today SUSU, which works closely with the world leader in the field of automation, Emerson Corporation.

Development of sensors Pot (for the industrial Internet of things), design of digital doppelgangers and systems for model-predictive control, modelling, artificial intelligence, data mining, information security in industrial systems – a new digital solution that develops SUSU, can help in addressing the challenges of Industry 4.0 and promote efficiency of production and competitiveness of enterprises.

an Example of the digitalization of the industry is the original methodology of technological processes control by criteria of minimization of energy consumption, developed by scientists of the University for OJSC “MMK”.

No less important, the strategic academic unit “Smart education”, which includes several important aspects. First, it is the use of online and offline resources that will reduce the classroom load by 20%.

second, the mass integration of remote format of the educational program will promote diversity and increase the flexibility of the learning process.

third, the learning efficiency will increase with the introduction of adaptive educational technologies that take into account the abilities of each individual student to master a new discipline. SAE “Smart education” means an open educational model focused on individual development of each student and providing the best opportunities for the graduates of SUSU.

Insthe Vartanyan TA, open and distance education exists in South Ural state University for twenty years. He is developing and implementing distance learning technologies in the educational process.

In University, there are directions of preparation of bachelors and masters in e-learning using the latest information technologies and multimedia. Long before the current situation in the portal for distance education South Ural state University hosted more than 100 different courses on programs of additional education for pupils, students, postgraduates, teachers and civil servants. Higher education with application of remote technologies in the SUSU there is a ten bachelor.

the first University in the country has developed and successfully implemented a distance learning program in “industrial and civil construction”. For a technical University to train engineers in this format is a special achievement. The biggest problem in the development and implementation of such courses virtual labs. SUSU coped with it and now intend to embed in other online programs.

In remote mode, you can continue training in a magistracy on the most popular routes. For distance education it is necessary to observe several conditions. First they need a stable Internet, powerful servers with disks of large volume. Also need professionals who will maintain the system operation and troubleshoot problems. All of these conditions created at the University and organized work in the system. These three parameters are very important but there is another, which is the success of distance learning – training of teachers to this format. People cannot be prepared overnight, you need to start doing it in advance and gradually. SUSU intensively involved in the past 10 years. In the framework of corporate education has established a special program of advanced training and professional retraining for work in the portal, e-learning and pedagogical design. One of them is the program of professional retraining “Pedagogical technologies in SMART University”. It held about 560 teachers, which is one third of the total composition.

the task of the modern University to world-class results, to implement innovative projects that develop the region’s economy. SUSU consistently maintains and improves positions in world and national rankings, is among 20 leading international and Russian ratings at various levels. The most significant of them: the world ranking of the best universities, according to British consulting company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), THE WUR is the world ranking of universities, compiled by the British ranking Agency Times Higher Education, global subject rating of technical Sciences according to the international Agency Round University Ranking (RUR Ranking), where SUSU is noted for the three positions, and “Three missions of the University” (Moscow international ranking of universities).

Confirmation of all these prestigious rankings – the demand for graduates at Russian and international labour markets. Almost two thousand students undergraduate and graduate University study programme-SAE “Smart industry”, including students from abroad. 20 programs at the University are taught in English. In all areas of engineering training in the magistracy necessarily have courses on the basics of the application of supercomputer technologies for solving engineering tasks.

last year the University launched several unique to universities and educational master’s programs, deep content and are highly demanded in various industries. We call some of them. This program on artificial intelligence: “data Analysis and artificial intelligence methods”, “Technologies of the Internet of things”, “Digital industry”, “Intellectual information systems and technologies in business”; chemical engineering in ecology – “Ecological safety”, mechatronics and robotics “Robotics in technological processes”. The University intends to expand the range of such programs.

SUSU today is the ten institutes and schools of higher education, 28 000 students, 2,000 international students, 250 000 students, 1700 of professors, associate professors and research staff, 40 laboratories and scientific-educational centers, 70 small innovative enterprises. 12 international laboratories of the University are headed by scientists from around the world. The University implemented 172 bachelor’s, 126 master’s degree programs, 25 programs specialist degrees, and 24 areas of training graduate students.