In the district of Solntsevo, in the West of Moscow unknown persons opened fire on the car with passengers. On Friday, may 29, according to the Telegram-channel Mash.

On the recording, which was made by a resident of a neighboring house, seen as the man runs after the departing car and fired several times into it. According to the newspaper, suffered a 19-year-old Ali Garahanov. Him with a gunshot wound was taken to the hospital.

In GU MVD in Moscow “” confirmed that the police received information about the conflict between the citizens, accompanied by shooting in the street Bogdanova. “This information is checked, messages about the victims in the bodies of internal Affairs didn’t arrive”, — said the official representative of the MIA.

Earlier, on 24 may, it was reported that unknown persons opened fire at the residential complex “Clear” on Kashirsky highway in Moscow. In the course of it one person was wounded by a buckshot in the face, buttock and back. He received the necessary medical assistance. The reason could have been the conflict between the staff of the funeral GrandRitual.