The former Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov wrote a poem in which he described a Paradise without cocaine. It was published in the new issue of the magazine “Russian pioneer”, said in the announcement published on the newspaper’s website.

“the Regular author of "Russian pioneer" Vladislav Surkov wrote a small, seemingly poem. But only seemingly. Because a poem can fit almost all human life. And the past and the future. Everything is fair,” — said the chief editor of the journal Andrei Kolesnikov.

Telegram-channel Daily Storm, in turn, has resulted in the text of the poem Surkov.

I’m single again gave me freedom, why cocaine? because there is this air
take it and breathe in and all wait for the arrival so it looks like Paradise: desert freedom
take it and breathe it with all your heart with all your brain all the nights all the days all the earth all the stars and all this may all the abyss of the soul
and not exhale and breathe.

Surkov was the assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin from 2013 to 2020.

Surkov for the first time appeared in public after his resignation

He was in charge of socio-economic cooperation with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and also settlement of the conflict in the East of Ukraine.