New tour “Kosinski akvaduet”, published on the website Mospeada, introduces a unique ecosystem. Online a walk in the Park “Kosinsky” is dedicated to Moscow’s only lakes of glacial origin — White, Black, and Saint.

Viewers will be able to enjoy White lake — the largest and cleanest lakes Kosinski — and to know that the Black lake was called black. They also get acquainted with the nature Park. For example, find out what is the difference between willow and willow, some of these plants can be found on the beach and determines that sways in the wind: cane, reed or cattail.

the Virtual tour will be part of the project #Prirodnie. It is possible to view on the website Mospeada and on the pages of companies in social networks.

Park “Kosinsky” is known not only natural and historical attractions. More about them can be found on the tour full-time. In order to attend, must pre-register by phone: +7 (499) 367-89-18.