Italian surgeons remotely performed surgery using the 5G network. The doctor and “patient”, instead of which during the experiment was the corpse, separated by 15 kilometers, according to the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

the workplace of a surgeon equipped with tablet, 3D monitor to see the process of operation, and the tactile sensor to control the robots who worked directly with the “patient” and was beside him.

the robot had a laser system, the manipulator with the surgical instruments and 3D camera. All information between the parties is transmitted via the network 5G.

According to the head of Leonard’s experiment Mattos, the doctor remotely operating the robots, felt the full presence in the operating room, but felt less stress than usual, as accurate and smooth movement of the robots gave more confidence in the work performed.

He also added that modern technology gives medicine big opportunities, including carrying out operations in a remote format. However, this event was a pilot to test it on live patients will take a few more years.

Also matthos believes that during such operations may arise ethical and legal issues, especially if the doctor and patient are in different countries.