a Russian artist-actionist Peter Pavlensky, who opened a criminal case after publishing compromising sex video with politician and former candidate for mayor of Paris Benjamin, Grivot, refused to undergo a psychiatric examination. About it reports France TV.

the Russians were obliged every two months to provide information about the need for the provision of psychiatric care. It is noted that he refused to undergo an examination at the appointed time until July 15.

in addition, Pavlensky was seen in the demand characteristics of punitive psychiatry. “It’s disgusting. And so we have many historical examples, when with the help of psychiatry we clean everything that does not fit the state ideology”, — said the artist. It is noted that now he can take into custody.

on 15 February it became known that law enforcement officers have detained Pavlensky because of the scandal with the video policy, who then withdrew his candidacy from the elections of the mayor. The next day was arrested by the French friend of the Russians.

previously, the police reported that Pavlensky was also found from 2 January for “causing harm in a gang, dangerous way.” It is known that at the Christmas party he came into conflict with other participants who broke a bottle on his head. Pavlensky has threatened to revenge, he took a kitchen knife. In the end, two people were injured, protection of the Russian denies his involvement in their application.

Actionist left Russia together with the former civil wife Oksana Shalygina and children in January 2017 and was granted political asylum in France. Emigration, the artist explained that he is suspected of committing violent acts of a sexual nature. In November 2018, the couple broke up on the initiative Shalygina.

In October 2014, Pavlensky cut off his earlobe on the rooftop of the Serbsky Institute. In November 2013 he nailed scrotum to the cobblestones on red square.