the AaB’s undisputed star, Lucas Andersen, have just lived through any parent’s nightmare.

last Thursday was his three-year-old son, Carl, suddenly became seriously ill during a stay in the family cottage.

It tells Lucas Andersen in a posting on Instagram, where he recounts some of the dramatic day, which fortunately had a happy ending.

“We have just been hospitalized for four days with our little precious Carl.”

“Off we went to get downloaded with the ambulance, and there hangs a helicopter over our house in case it was critical to we on Monday will be printed after the three tests, which should exclude all serious diagnoses,” writes AaB-star.

“So I will just say THANK you to everyone who was involved, and in particular to the HOSPITAL NORD IN AALBORG children’s section – rarely have I experienced so great a treatment time to explain, the presence and support of our little course!”

the 25-year-old Lucas Andersen made his Denmark debut already at the age of 16. Today, he is back in moderklubben after living in Ajax, Willem II and the swiss Grasshoppers. He is also noted for three matches for the Denmark.

B. T. is Trying to get a comment from Lucas Andersen.