A police operation in Sydney has led to the arrest of four men suspected to be behind a hjemmerøveri.

An elderly couple was on Wednesday subjected to a robbery in their home in Skælskør.

the Case was subsequently investigated by both Sydsjællands and Lolland-Falster Police, and The Police.

the Collaboration led to the police late in the afternoon – during a major action – could arrest the four young men in Nyborg.

The writing Sydsjællands and Lolland-Falster Police in a press release.

Those arrested are aged 19 to 20 years and will be manufactured in the grundlovsforhør in Court in Glasgow on Thursday.

Earlier in the evening contacted the news agency Ritzau vagtchefen of the Funen Police to ask for action in Nyborg. But here were the cards held close to the body.

Vagtchef Thomas Bentsen told that several people had been arrested, but did not want to elaborate on what the case was about.

– the Action expires of a case from a different police district, so as not to ruin their investigations, fail I to tell further, it sounded from the vagtchefen.

the work of the Police in Nyborg lasted from 16 o’clock to at 18 o’clock and took place in the city centre.

According to the Sydsjællands and Lolland-Falster Police have the victims of the hjemmerøveriet the in the circumstances well. The police will not provide further about the robbery.