Summer in Moscow parks open 12 free sites for skateboarding, rollerblading and scooters. We visited three of the best of them, along with the coach kids club skateboard and snowboard, author of the book "tutorial on the skateboard" Dmitry Maslov. He told about peculiarities of every skate Park and advised where to skate beginners and advanced skaters.

Park 50 years of October

On the West side of the Park 50 years of October located one of the first skate sites built in Moscow. The elements of the skate Park was done by hand: at their base lies a metal rebar and top concrete cover.

"This skate Park built by skateboarder, snowboarder (was part of team Russia and Moscow in snowboarding) Dmitry Koltsov, also known as the Tailbone. He built a skate Park with their hands c friends, – says Dmitry Maslov. Local residents were not opposed, some of the parents even financial help. This skate Park has grown two cool skater, one of which is included in the Russian team".

10 years ago Dmitry Maslov studied to perfect the first items on the Board here. Today, on a weekday here to catch about 20 riding on scooters, skateboards and bikes in the evening the number of people becomes much more. The main category of skaters – young Muscovites at the age of 10-20 years. Playground in the Park 50-letiya Oktyabrya suitable for skiers with any level of training, but for beginners it is best to come to study in the afternoon. "the Beginner would feel uncomfortable if there’s ride lot of people. Plus the day gives parents the opportunity to monitor the children. In the evening there is usually a party, come to Mature. They truecut, jump, fall," says Maslov.

Cooper Park

In the southwestern part of the Perovsky Park is one of the largest and most functional spots of the capital. On the territory of the farm there are two zones – for those who are good skates for beginners. Zones vary in size shapes, so you can gradually hone and improve their skills. At the skate Park are the pool and street shapes, including bowl and multilevel Plaza.

All trees in the construction of the skate platform was retained, so even on a hot day there is a pleasant coolness. Nearby there is a vending machine and benches, the area is equipped with toilets. So you can relax all day, go eat and watch the tricks the other skaters, cyclists and BMX (short for Bicycle MotoX – the kind of bike invented by fans of motocross for training). Another plus in Perovsky Park is Moscow’s only platform for flatland (style BMX with spectacular stunts of the blue due to the balance). Here first appeared b��scan for skiing. "There are so many shapes, and even on the stairs, which are also the figures of the guys do not ride, just sit, relax. Still there is a training ramp where you are not afraid to learn" – draws attention Dmitry.

During the day skaters can enjoy one to three skate parks. In the morning you crossed paths with them in the Park one day – in another, and in the evening – in the third. "One riding can bother. Or want to go to another, where there is the desired shape, – says Dmitry. – In different places have the opportunity to hone the same element in different ways, because the box may be low, high or tilt".

Park "Gardeners"

In "the Gardener" is one of the most popular among youth skate parks. On the platform are figures of different levels, bowl, faces, radii, stairs and others. Here are daily flocking the capital’s skaters, riders and skaters. Those who do not have their skateboards and longbarrow can take them to a Park rental.

"it was the asphalt bowl, which in Soviet times was used by skateboarders and cyclists. It is now one of the largest skate parks in Moscow", – stressed Dmitry Maslov. It is in this asphalt bowl and made the area of the pool (the pool) for skating on the boards, competitions are held every year at The bowl. In the past year competitions were held for girls to find worthy candidates to the national team. Dmitry notes that every year the girls at the skate party is becoming more and more, although the level of riding they are still much inferior to the guys. If before 10 skiers skaters was one girl, now they are 3-4. However, Maslov safely recommend this sport for all children. Skateboarding develops coordination, endurance, strengthens the heart, lungs and muscles musculoskeletal system. Just on Park territories of Moscow has opened 12 skate parks for fans and athletes.

The project is developed together with Molocharka.