Who performed the hit "Berry-Raspberry" the singer Valentina Legkostupova hooked up to a ventilator. It is reported by Telegram-channel Mash.

It is noted that the artist is in bad condition was found by her daughter. The woman had bruises and a head injury.

Beside her was her husband Yuri Firsov. According to him, they Legkostupova drank several days in a row.

Both spouses have sent in addiction, and from there the singer was in intensive care, as in a coma. Currently its condition is estimated as very heavy.

Earlier it was reported that the singer of the hit "Berry-raspberry" Valentina Legkostupova in a coma in a drug treatment facility, where she arrived with a broken head after a few days of alcohol abuse. The condition of the 54-year-old actress as extremely serious.